What I Freaking Love About Mortal Kombat for the Playstation 3?

So far, I am tempted to give this game its award as the best fighting game ever for now.  Now here's been a few things I just love about this game aside from its graphics and musical score... in no particular order.

Going back to the 2D plane and the easy to do combo system.  Yup while I do still enjoy 3D planes like the PS2 versions of Mortal Kombat or of the Tekken franchise but sometimes adding old school elements can be good.  So yeah, what is better is that it has Tekken's accessibility when it comes to the combos.  Each button accesses a limb namely the left punch, right punch, left kick and right kick which are renamed as front punch, back punch, front kick and back kick which makes even beginners learn very easily.  It's fun trying to mish-mash some combos and learning how to do them.  Not to mention classic moves are back with a vengeance as well.

I might add the camera moves some angles sometimes.  Bad?  No I love the aesthetics with the camera while in a 2D field.  It felt like Tekken 1-2 improvised in a way.

The online gameplay is a real theater with the "boo" and "cheer' functions rather than just watching two cards hop on each other while waiting for your turn.  Problem can be online lag though.

Hidden battles return but some of them are plain ridiculous.  This is one of the most challenging tasks in MK9 which really, really gives a huge definition.  Yup, each one can be easy (unlocking Klassic Smoke and Klassic Noob Saibot) to really challenging (unlocking Klassic Reptile and Klassic Jade).

The X-Ray Combos.  Well for one, I do love this X-Ray Combos though some are ridiculously lethal like that of Baraka's then again this is Mortal Kombat.  The X-Ray combos aren't that easy to connect so they require a full bar, the other lower levels of the Super Bar are for enhanced moves and the copied from Killer Instinct combo breakers.

Babalities return in a hilarious manner to give your opponents "a fate worse than death" though I personally prefer fatalities.  So yeah, rather than just turn them itno a baby you get a special performance that are mostly humiliating to simply funny.  For one, I really love how the humiliation factor is... better than Killer Instinct's ask your opponent to dance for you.  My favorite babality is when you do that insanely crazy stunt of doing babalities on everyone WITHOUT losing then you beat the bosses without blocking, no losing then you even get to humiliate Shao Kahn.

So it's back to the good old days isn't it?  Well I'll admit that in MK Trilogy having Goro, Kintaro, Motaro and Shao Kahn playable in the PSX version made one a cheapo.  In MK Armageddon, they were powered down.  In MK9, you get to fight them like the good old days less the cheating CPU which doesn't make them too hard but still, they are very powerful.  The latest MK game really knows how to give a decent challenge in providing nonplayable bosses.

So what's yours?  Comment.