More Fun to be an Original Source Purist? Not Always!

It's pretty much of a fantardism about Super Sentai purists, Kamen Rider purists, Metal Hero purists (in the past), Power Rangers purists, etc. Lately, there are the so-called non-adaptation purists which have been in their own way, retarded whenever they start saying, "Adaptations are fake." like when I see the Tokusatsu purists really start their useless ranting like, "Well it's more fun to be purist." and whatever.  I know some adaptations such like Mashed Rider, VR Trippers, Beetlebonks, Beetlebonks Metallix, G-Force, Voltron, Vehicle Voltron are pretty bad to the logic but face it, not every adaptation is bad.  So yeah, they insist Power Rangers is fake because Kenji Ohba said it was recreated, come on, recreating something with permission is NOT bootlegging!  To call Power Rangers fake, then we might as well call City Hunter from South Korea fake or even every adaptation as fake.  It's pretty much the statement of "Nothing beats the original." but that is not always true.  In time, the original telephone was remade into a better telephone, we have PC technology remade as good as possible.  Think about it, that's pretty good isn't it?  Now why are we having those original source purists?

Pretty much, I've enjoyed some adaptations whether it'd be Power Rangers or not.  In my case, to start with Disney movies are ALL basically adaptations recreated from the original source like let's think Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, King Arthur and Hunchback of Notre Dame were recreated to suit a different audience.  In this case, I'd like to say some adaptations are pretty good like Disney's recreation of Aladdin (merging the magician with the royal vizier added more drama, Beauty and the Beast had Gaston as a real point of conflict and Pinocchio cut down some chapters.  Disney had bad adaptations like Hercules.  Pretty much how can those who hate Power Rangers also have some of them liking Disney?  Really, that's screwed up reasoning.  In my case I seldom prefer adaptations over original like I prefer the Taiwanese adaptation over the original which may anger those Anime purists like I personally like Meteor Garden over Hana Yori Dango or the Taiwanese version of Combat Butler Hayate over the Japanese.  Well it's pretty surprising to me how some of these Power Rangers haters who insist Power Rangers is fake could however enjoy watching the Korean adaptation of City Hunter.  Baffles the mind?  Some people even love the Korean version of City Hunter better than the Manga proving it's not always fun to be a purist.

Now to tackle on the notorious Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers debate.  How many times do I have to tell the unfair haters of Power Rangers that it is NOT fake.  I mean, come on read the credits!  It's been fully acknowledged by Toei yet they still misinterpret the WHOLE Kenji Ohba interview or the message behind Akibaranger Season Tsuu Episode Five!  If I'm to talk Power Rangers purists are missing a big portion of the real deal whenever they refuse to watch Super Sentai and vice versa.  In my case, I've watched some Power Rangers and Super Sentai, even noticing both sides love to copy from each other with permission.  Sure, Zyuranger is more awesome than MMPR but sometimes, you need to watch an adaptation if you want to skip something you don't like, like for example Burai's death in Zyuranger or Naoto's death in Timeranger (which their PR counterparts survived).  Power Rangers had its moments like in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy with its "new concept" or you could go for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue which was flexible enough to move away the family theme to focus more on rescue team, Power Rangers Time Force with its very unique humans vs. mutants plot which was non-existent in Timeranger or Power Rangers RPM with its entirely unique plot.  Really, that shows even Super Sentai purists are also missing a lot whenever they out of bias don't want to check out Power Rangers just because it was for them, fake which it isn't.

If there's anything to be purist about, it's the truth and not just half of the truth.  Period.


  1. well, i completely agree with you about this. however, there are some people *cough* especially from my country *cough* who are close-minded as a 3-year old. i mean, i really can't believe that such people exist.

    reading their comments and posts about how power rangers are fake, how they ruined the super sentai franchise and whatnot. all of these with a significant amount of curse words. they even bash people who try to say that the power rangers isn't entirely bad. but what do they do? they badmouth whoever that person is and tell them to go to hell.

    (well, i'm just expressing myself here. i just want to release my anger, so sorry if i went too far. 'love your sentai blog and more power.)

    1. You are right about that. I agree they are close minded as three years old. I used to quarrel over which is better- Super Sentai or Power Rnagers and that war keeps going on because of ignorance on both sides. That is Super Sentai fans still insist Power Rangers is fake if that is the case then every adaptation is a fake like Korea's version of City Hunter. Adaptations can be good though I would also want an original script as well.

      Just thinking if you really like my Super Sentai blog, can you please follow publicly? Thanks.

  2. yeah. i watch power rangers rpm as well as gokaigers. i find both series enjoyable (though i havent watched go-ongers yet, but my point is watching both franchise somehow has a good effect. japanese and americans have their own unique way of telling a story. and their humor is different too. for me, i find this refreshing.)

    oh sure. i find your sentai blog informative, unlike the sole tokusatsu blog from my country which is very biased and full of pw haters. (wait, are you referring to the g+ account of the blog? im not really sure as i just bookmark blogs that i like)

    1. I'm referring to the "Join This Site".

      For one, Go-onger is a pretty funny series if you want something that's super campy. I enjoyed Go-onger no matter how messed up it can get, but still it's enjoyable for me.

      If you ask me, those Sentai fantards and PR fantards are just extremely childish but it can be fun watching them beat the crap out of each other sometimes.


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