The Pinoy Pride Syndrome: Why It's NOT Helping the Philippines!

It really is practically disturbing and stupid how this "Filipino pride" isn't really helping the Philippines.  Now to cite some examples:

There is always the horrid double standard problem of Filipino society.  If you ask me, why is it A-OK to arrest a foreigner who offends in the Philippines YET they want to release Filipinos who are clearly guilty abroad?  What in the world is going on?  This is definitely a problem of Pinoy pride if you ask me.  How much stupidity is really hitting the Philippines are a DAILY BASIS?  In fact, the Flor Contemplacion film's "torture scene" is most likely a fabrication.  Singapore has been more straight and proper with its governance than the Philippines for the past decade or so.  Save the OFWs in death row when they deserve it?  If they deserved it, they deserved it!  In fact, the Philippines has been plagued with bad governance for a decade or so.  What they also happen to ignore is the reality that even their own fellow Pinoys were harmed by those people they want to be absolved of guilt.  What is worse is that they are giving laurels of glory to bad Pinoys who are even a harm to other Pinoys.

Like it or not, some Pinoys tend to flaunt over even their own local garbage especially with the media.  I would admit that it's more of bias than true patriotism and it kills Total Quality Management.  To be honest, local garbage is just as bad as imported garbage.  Imported good stuff is just as good as local good stuff.  A fresh apple is as good as a fresh mango.  A rotten apple is as bad as a rotten mango.

Many Filipinos are riding on the successes of Lea Salonga-Chien, Manny Pacquiao, etc.   I would say these people are great, I like them but I don't want to credit their being Pinoy, they are great for who they are.  If a Filipino designed some of the greatest structures of Brunei, that is something good but that does not mean Filipinos can use that to gloat on how "great" they are because not all Pinoys are artistic. What is pretty stupid is that many of these "proud Pinoys" unlike the Pinoys they are proud of are actually lazy bums who milk the hardworking Pinoys dry.  What a sad statement!  If you ask me, there are talented Pinoys, there are smart Pinoys but there are also stupid Pinoys and non-talented Pinoys.  Pinoy pride tends to ignore the harsh reality that man there are also such a thing as stupid Filipinos among smart ones.

You might want to consider the false accusation of being "oppressed".  Yup that is the problem of some Pinoys who are justly scolded or fired by non-Pinoy employers that they are being "oppressed" or "victims of racism" ignoring the fact that their employer has also fired non-Pinoy employees who goof off as much as they did.  To be honest, how often will this false accusation of "anti-Pinoy policy" keep going on and on?  If you ask me, I would like to admit that I've had Pinoy friends who are working in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan but they are so far doing great with their work.  Pretty much, the anti-Pinoy paranoia is more of a delusion than real to which for me, is another reason why many Pinoys do not progress.

To be honest, enough is enough!  Sometimes the truth needs to be spoken so harshly and terrifyingly.


  1. Too much passion over nothing. As much as the accomplishments of these Filipinos are laudable, the over zealousness to raise them to extremely high level promotes mediocrity.

    1. You are right about that. Sometimes the pride of some Filipinos make them fail to see that if there are smart Filipinos, there are also stupid ones too.

  2. Correct. It's more a delusional pride. I've written about it recently


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