A Recollection of My Real First Crush

Well I'd probably talk about my real first crush and everything.  Yeah she used to be taller than I was (slightly) though as of late, she's not that tall.  Actually most girls grow faster then stop which only a few girls ever grow to be super tall compared to most boys (then again there are also men who are pretty short).  In fact, we both may have had biases against each other's ethnic backgrounds as she was Spanish, I was also thinking of that I can't deny that she was my real first attraction but was afraid to tell my folks about her.

Times came when I was this bratty kid but she sort of had some power over me.  In fact, she started to calm down my rather unusually hot head.  That of course, at the same time we were frenemies.  But I was afraid to admit I was soon attracted to her personality aside from her appearance.  Now we were just overly young back then and well, hormones just got too fast.  Then time came she was pulled out by her parents because of some fight they had with that Math teacher who looks like Honerva in Golion and that science teacher who was a hellbent "Commie" in her classroom.  Then later, we really had parted ways.

So years later, I just kept hearing from others who still knew her and saw her how gorgeous she had become.  Well yeah, you can say that again.  She was sent to an all-girls Chinese academy.  Later, I was involved with several courtships as a teenager.  One of course had a mother who was as mean as Ms. Trunchbull so no-no.  I had my former girlfriend who I had a difficult time getting.  Another was some girl I really thought was hot but was not but that's just relative.  Then I had that girl who looks like Bea Saw.  I was just thinking of how fleeting teenager romances are.

Now for my real first crush, I would admit that my so-called first crush was still around but I was afraid to admit I missed my first crush then I was with neither.  Later, I had heard again how gorgeous she had become and I wanted to get even while I had my on/off fleeting relationship with a hot temptation.  She was different- kind of modest and choosy.  This however only made me think that my head was trapped in a struggle of my beliefs vs. what went against them.  And I realized that my wasted time, I never admitted that feeling at all.