Anti-Chinese Pinoy Pridists and What They Ignore!

The events of the execution of three OFWs in China for getting their just desserts had also triggered much stupidity on social networks of Pinoys who insist that Philippines are only for the Filipinos without ignoring that a Filipino is anyone who is a citizen of the Philippines.  Pinoy pridists take things out of context whenever they just focus on wicked Filipino-Chinese never mind the good Filipino-Chinese.  It's just as out of context as Filipino-Chinese who attack Filipinos as bad people ignoring the good Filipinos.

What the Pinoys would want to ignore is that a lot of things they enjoy are Filipino-Chinese made.  Tony Tancaktiong owns Jollibee, Mang Inasal and Chowking.  Henry Sy owns the SM malls.  Some of the biggest labor producing systems are owned also by Filipino-Chinese.  Though as said, I would also want to see every guilty Filipino-Chinese punished as much as I want to see every guilty Filipino punished.  I guess they are all still having their patronage to Floor Contemplation.  So why do they still go shopping at SM and eat at Jollibee despite Tony Tancaktiong's face appearing on the walls?!  Simple.  These guys are hypocrites.  If they hate Filipino-Chinese, then boycott all Filipino-Chinese businesses and create what they can... hmmm malls out of indigenous products anyone?

What is often ignored is that the drug mules are knowledgeable about what they bring.  Why do they insist they were duped?  Also, it's NOT only the fault of Filipino-Chinese druglords but also all their associates.  You can't say, "I was just following orders." or "I just gave orders."  Both parties the one who gave the orders and the one who follows them must be punished accordingly.

Like it or not but Chinese influence had already invaded the Philippines in spite of the fact that Chinese didn't really invade the country.  The Chinese traders "invaded" the places with their stuff like noodles, siomai, siopao, tikoy, ampao (Nobita's favorite food), abacus (during ancient times), use of paper, slippers, umbrella, etc. which were eventually modified for modern use.  You cannot deny Chinese "invasion".