Are Pinoy Pridists Having the Habit of Covering Up The Faults of Fellow Pinoys?

Looking at the Migrante International and the sad fate of the Contemplation family, I have noticed it's kind of typical for Pinoy pridists to have the bad habit of covering up the faults of fellow Pinoys.  Really they have taken the all for one, one for all at a very wrong direction.  We can see that through the Migrante International movement where they want to save the guilty Filipinos abroad.

If we will take a look at the workplace, it's typical for Pinoy workers to actually have the habit of covering each other up.  Take the instance where one Pinoy employee does a mistake, it seems every Pinoy employee covers up the fault of the other.  But what does that achieve?  NOTHING!  It's really what's going on and looking at it, one can see this habit also...

In fact, it's no surprise that a lot of Pinoy workers regardless of rank (laborer or office employee, in the Philippines or abroad) are also raising lazy kin.  Like somebody I knew was working abroad to raise a lazy family in the Philippines.  In fact, why are they raising their kin?  Where are the parents?  Then we realize how irresponsible Pinoy pridists are!