Banning Foreign TV Drama from the Philippines in the Name of "Protectionism"?

Well the Pinoy pride inner circles in the government apparently want to turn the Philippines into the Pinoypines.  Now just in, some crooked Congressmen want to ban telenovelas that aren't Filipino from primetime. Really their sense of nationalism is just as crooked as colonial mentality.  So what's my reply to that?

I would like to point out how crazy Pinoy drama is.  You might want to remember way back in the past it was Mula Sa Puso and Esperanza were TOO LONG, OVERLY DRAGGING, NO PLOT!  In fact, Pinoy drama today is nothing more than one-sided stupidity that must be exposed!  In fact, one might consider the real stupidity of the Pinoy media.

Sadly the Philippine media is too filled with the "kawawang Pinoy" image.  It's always the victim card and I really have to hate all that "Pinoys are oppressed" type of talk.  In a racist propaganda, Filipinos aren't the only victims.  The problem is right now, Pinoy pridists are just as racist as any other racist whenever they consider themselves the greatest race in the world.  This is where everything is double-standard and shows just how selfish and one sided the Pinoy pridists can be.  This is probably the plan, ban foreign dramas and attempt to bring those crappy shows abroad.

One could start to review with the proposal of the removal of Section 190 of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines or Republic Act 8293 and the Cybercrime Law.  Fortunately Lady Senator Miriam Santiago had done her best to get that stupid law repealed.  It destroys free trade between nations and monopoly.  Really how can the stupid Philippine Congress want to get rid of Filipino's rights to bring copyrighted material abroad and expect foreigners to buy our goods?  That's very one sided and a destruction of free trade!  Again all done in the name of "nationalism".  Even Communist China is smarter than the "democratic Philippines".

So what's wrong with most Philippine drama?  Check out all the typical overly recycled plots, showing the rich as evil and the poor as "to be liberated".  Mind you, not all the poor people are worth pitying and not all the rich are worth loathing.  Or with Pinoy media, the Philippine media has shown how bad it is when it is when you are watching garbage.  What garbage?  Stupid talk shows that try to make the Philippines look "the best" but in reality, it's in the danger zone of becoming the worst.  You could try to think of how this stupid "protectionism" will eventually destroy the economy.  I really suggest those who propose the law to make their own Pinoy pride nation in some uncharted island and let's see how great they are.

Here's what I can say... the Philippines needs more dragon ladies to shape it back into shape.  In fact, while Miriam Defensor Santiago should tone down her voice and be more tactful but this is a situation that requires her to be at her meanest.  Really, get real Philippines!  In fact, while I don't agree Miriam should run for President in 2016 because of her age, but I hope some dragon man or dragon lady will set things right!  In fact, Filipinos should listen to her more often times than not!

Unlike these guys who are just as racist as every other racist... Filipino Nazis!


  1. "Sadly the Philippine media is too filled with the "kawawang Pinoy" image. It's always the victim card and I really have to hate all that "Pinoys are oppressed" type of talk." - Haha! Sounds like a communist/leftist kind of story to me... :P


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