Chinese Roast Duck is a MUST TRY!

Considering it was the Chinese New Year, I had some Chinese roast duck.  I have tried two varieties one the Beijing style and the other, the Macau style.  Since I have Macau lineage, I did remember when my maternal grandfather who looked like Jackie Chan's father Charles Chan was alive, he always ordered some roast duck for his birthday and during the Chinese New Year.  Actually there's some slight variations.

The Peking Duck separated the skin from the meat (which was served ground) and it was eaten with lettuce and lotus pancakes.  I do find this variety creative.  Meanwhile...

The Cantonese roast duck on the other hand from my first serving, it was served whole and without the Pekingese style.  It was served like roast chicken but tastes better than chicken.  Actually duck is pretty expensive so it's saved for special occasions just like turkey is.

Just my thought, this can also be served instead of turkey as a substitute for Western occasions too. =P