Contemplating Floor Contemplation and Her Family After Many Years

Well I accidentally deleted the last entry so I'm rewriting the rather tragic events of the Floor Contemplation family.  In contrast to the media showing that the poor are always oppressed and the rich are always evil, that is NOT always true.  What about the poor people who work as goons for rich criminals?  They're just as evil as the rich people they work for.  Now here's the real sad story behind Floor Contemplation's family.  In fact, the case still fixates me until now because of the sad legacy it left for the Philippines and the new generation of Pinoy pridists.

So what happens is that the whole Floor Contemplation movie starring Nora Aunor had some fabrications.  Looking at one evidence after the other, why does the film portray Singapore to be Communist China or North Korea?  It's simple- they want to make all Filipinos look like as victims and oppressed when they are not.  And now for the sad state of affairs after Floor's death.  While I do sympathize with the family for losing their mom whether she's guilty or not but later, I am really irritated by what really happened later.  Also, this was also another room for some Pinoy pridists to want to get rid of their Filipino-Chinese countrymen.  What they ignore was that the trial went for three years and three months before Floor was executed for their crime.  The last minute witnesses were dismissed because they were rather hazy which were added into the rather hazy film.

Singapore is very careful compared to the Philippines in all its investigations.  For one, I could say that the Philippines is more of a rathole for corruption for the "money talks" mentality.  You could start to think that in the Philippines, a lot of stuff can be fabricated.  There have been several DNA test result fabrications in the Philippines.  They pay the hospital to alter the results, they get it.  The government agencies are usually incompetent one way or another.  That's why I am really thinking that the whole Delia Maga autopsy and "last minute" autopsy result in the Philippines didn't match.  I would assume it's a fabrication at best.  After all, the Philippines is very full of cases of fabricated documents like fake thesis given to lazy college students, fake diplomas for lazy College students, etc.  Should I mention that Pinoys are very good at making up stories and playing the victim card?

Here's from Interaksyon some interesting facts about the dysfunctional family that you can read here.  To summarize things up, Interaksyon had revealed how Floor's family was after that.  The government gave them lots of funding as "victims".  The twin sons Joel and Jun Jun later were shown to be not taking their studies seriously.  In "Magpakailanman" there's a dramatization of the scenes that shows just how irresponsible the three were- borrowing money from their sister who has a lazy husband.  Alessandra de Rossi played the part.  One can see just how the Contemplation children were lazy and irresponsible.  In fact, even in the fabricated movie, one can see even their father was no better either.  What did they do with all that money?  The usual typical Pinoy of handling it- SPEND LEFT AND RIGHT!  Later the three children Sandrex, Joel and Jun Jun were arrested FOR DRUG DEALING and later so was their father.  Now why does Russel keep covering them up?  Simple, it's the Pinoy pride tradition of "covering up" their fellows at fault.  Also OFW families tend to spend a lot, even giving expensive pasalubong instead of really saving up money so they don't have to go abroad anymore.

Later we see the Migrante Internationale to which Russel Contemplation is part of.  It's not surprising that Russel Contemplation unlike other children of criminals who live differently, she still insists her mother is innocent.  Really, for this group I am amazed to why they continue to play the victim card for GUILTY Filipinos abroad?  Why can't they just focus on real victims of injustice who are Filipino than the agents of injustice who are Filipino?  See how stupid!  In fact do Pinoy pridists understand Sovereignty 101 too?