Pinoy Pridists and Some of Their Really Bad Men

It is an infuriating thing for a Filipino businessman regardless of ethnicity (Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, etc.) who is hardworking and diligent to come across people who are actually irresponsible and lazy.  In some cases, there's the statement that these people are only "good for that kind of work" which is highly disgraceful since sad to say, some Filipino-Chinese businessmen take advantage of such dirty stuff thus sparking anger among the poor.  I say, there's a fair share of blame to everyone in the Philippines to why it's a screwed up country.  You have oppressive Filipino-Chinese and you have lazy Pinoys.  Only if the Pinoys would seek improvement, then it would be difficult for abusive Filipino-Chinese employers to take advantage of them and worse, send them to do drug mule business.

So what do I see about this one?  There are a lot of lowly Pinoy men who unlike advanced Filipinos, are well just not tolerable.  They work with heavy jobs, I don't find anything wrong with that.  I mean if I were so poor, I'd take that kind of job but at the same time, I'll aim to finish College.  However the problem has to be that these types of men are the type to take a job, waste their hard-earned money and are probably raising a lazy kin.  Many of them can be seen street gambling, getting drunk or even fooling around with other women.  Sometimes this causes several problems like why suddenly Filipino women fly abroad because their husbands aren't doing their jobs.  I just thought for female OFWs working abroad whether they be Delia Magas (good ones) or Flor Contemplacions (bad ones), a lot of them tend to tell us that even in poverty, the husband could still fool around with some other woman.

Now another interesting fact I've learned about most Pinoy men is that they are the most vain in Asia, that is according to CNN.   In fact, it really gets me irritated to how somebody can be so crazy to brag also about talents or looks they don't even have and even if they do have it, it is NO reason to get arrogant.  This is a real source of problem for Pinoy men because unless they accept their ups and downs, they CANNOT move forward.  These are the types of people who can't accept constructive criticism and you will probably even start with how some laborers dare to answer back at their bosses even if the latter didn't mistreat them.