Pinoy Pridists and Their Wrong Concept of Freedom

Arrogant Filipino squatters
It's pretty common for people to abuse the words "freedom" and "democracy".  Sometimes they mistake freedom as being able to do as they please.  Their idea of democracy is democrazy.  That's the problem with Pinoy pridists with their warped thinking of democracy and freedom.  Freedom as defined in plain English means absence of coercion or constraint in choice of action.  However one must understand that in freedom, there are rules made to protect freedom.  But to the Pinoy pridists, they tend to paint nonsense like, "There's no system that can give freedom." or whatever B.S. they want to do.

Pinoy pridists can brag, "What makes it more fun in the Philippines is freedom."  Unfortunately they have abused their freedom which causes life to be an onerous burden.  They have their bad habits of not following rules to protect peace and order.  They take the joy of breaking simple guidelines which is an attitude that unfortunately has affected many OFWs sadly resulting in their well-deserved punishments such as deportation or even death.  More fun at the Philippines because of their warped concept of freedom?  Talk about traffic accidents that could have been avoided only if they followed rules.  Talk about the cleanliness situation that has been so bad because they don't follow proper waste disposal like throwing garbage in the right place or removing body waste at the right places.  Talk about Pinoys who are rude and crude.  If you ask me, all these traits are just proof of how Pinoy pridists have the wrong concept of freedom ignoring the fact that you reap what you sow.  In fact, squatters are one of the biggest examples of people with the warped concept of freedom.

Sadly this bad attitude has been carried also to OFWs.  You can start to talk about why some OFWs are rightfully in the death row. Obviously guidelines say that drugs like shabu and heroin are illegal.  These substances KILL people so I really say it's justifiable to execute them to protect the people of the country where they did their dirty transactions.  Really why do the Pinoy pridists insist on freeing the OFWs who are rightfully in death row?  STUPID!  In fact, these people aren't democratic, they're democrazic!

As said, get real Pinoys!


  1. "It's pretty common for people to abuse the words "freedom" and "democracy". Sometimes they mistake freedom as being able to do as they please. Their idea of democracy is democrazy." - Apparenetly, I think the US is going down the same path as well.


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