Something About Valentine's Day and That Regret With My Real First Crush

Well it's February and nearly the day I pretty hated a lot because of some self-lying I had about some girl.  Now I just thought do I still have a chance with my real first crush?  So I was thinking that it's pretty much a small world and she might soon discover I was hitting on her classmate who looks like Haruka Suenaga (who nearly became my fiance) or discover that I once used a girl to forget my so-called first crush.  Everything was just simply falling into pieces when I started to discover what I truly felt. Which of course, I couldn't believe I was also starting to long for her while dating some other girl.

So I did remember the frustration I had before I dated my ex for a short time.  It was this frustration that I was in love with who I thought was the perfect woman, not my ex.  In fact, I was really thinking that some other love interest was hot when she's not (she's not horrifying either).  So in my battle to get my ex with my best friend (who I also fought with for one girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida), everything was pretty much set I wanted to use her as an instrument of revenge against some girl I wanted to date.  So it was something that "fate" seemed to bring me to her.  I hope I can get things straight first.