The New Pinoy Pridist Nation? LOL!

Well I guess Pinoy pridists can find some isolated island somewhere in the Philippines and start their own nation.  Don't even call it the Philippines, they would call it Pinoypines and they might probably start their own Pinoy pride nation.  Now looking at the stinky slums, the poor conditions Pinoy pridists live in, I was wondering how they will start their nation anyway?

Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila's waterways.
Well I guess they could start their own "squatter nation" in some river or ocean (good luck to getting sovereingty) then say they are the new Philippines.  It should be disgusting to think what they'll do for a living.  Just a challenge- they should build their houses as nipa huts since it was the native Filipino house.  That's right, and NO modern technology ever allowed.  For its governance, you could start with the indigenous native Filipino government that happened pre-Spanish times.

They should also start wearing indigenous cloth and attire too.  I guess these people can start their nation with indigenous lifestyle.  Then I wonder what they'll do for a living?  I just wonder what their currency, etc. will be and how they will soon appeal to the government should they be declared not a state at all?

Really get real Pinoys!


  1. Actually, the nipa hut isn't exactly native to the Philippines. AFAIK, our neighboring countries like Vietnam also had it, albeit a bit different.


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