Why I Think Pinoy Pridists Will Just Escalate the China vs. Philippines Conflict!

While I don't approve of China becoming a bully and getting even just because of their past of Chinese being bullied (two wrongs DO NOT make a right), I would like to finally also point out to why I believe Pinoy pridists will just escalate the conflict.  For one, using uncivilized means like vandalizing and name calling will especially trigger the anger of the Chinese government.  One most consider that the Chinese military is no longer a laughing matter, they could demolish the Philippines anytime they want.  However one must realize that people must be civilized as much as possible and use only war weapons defensively.

Also B.S. Aquino should consider that not apologizing to HK for the Hostage Crisis incident will probably provoke the awakened dragon of China to actually launch war.  He better apologize sincerely already for that hostage incident before China actually does worse than it has already done.  I mean, why continue to be proud to be Pinoy when the Philippines is already in danger of being attacked by a dragon super power that is China?  And if Pinoys expect themselves invincible, that's where they are dead wrong!

Really, why can't the Philippines find peaceful ways to settle this ongoing conflict with China?  In fact, they should not be thankful that they aren't in a Communist country or they'll end up like those who were protesting in the Tiananmen Square Massacre.


  1. What else can you expect from a "baby boy," more so an autistic one? He's more deluded than the Akibarangers, I'd say... :P

    I have no Chinese blood whatsoever, but I'd say he and his kin is really a big shame to the Fil-Chinese community...


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