Most Hot Sentai/PR Chicks Handpicked By Me Per Decade:

90s era (Fiveman started in 1990, MMPR started in 1993):

Kimberly Hart- Well I really have to say that she really is so hot, I mean I really disagree with people who say Reiko Chiba is prettier than she is (we all have our choices and beauty appreciation is more relative than not).  Her pretty face with that innocent-looking beauty, nice skin, nice curves she was in fact really all that alluring.  Though I wasn't a huge fan of Power Rangers overall but I seldom want to rewatch MMPR season 1-2 to remember those moments.  I would say she's probably the biggest eye candy ever of that decade.  My thought is also probably because I'm more attracted to Western beauty. =P

2000-2010 (Timeranger up to Goseiger for Super Sentai, Lightspeed Rescue up to RPM for Power Rangers)

Mako Shiraishi- If Spike saw her, he'd wish he was never in Power Rangers Samurai and Mr. Brown brought him along in Act 12.  I've seen more girls for the era enter like Yuuri, Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine and Sakura... they were all pretty but I didn't find them all hotter than Kimberly.  For Mako, well she somewhat had a "nostalgic value" to Kimberly thanks to the actress Rin Takanashi having some of Amy Jo's attributes as an actress.  On the weaker side, Rin like Amy isn't all that great but still able to act fortunately.  She's not really all that great but still, she's good nonetheless with acting.  In fact, it looks like she and Suzuka Morita were probably still at the "struggle stage" but good thing they improved beyond Shinkenger.  I guess I can now crown Mako as the hottest one of all for now.

2011-Present (Gokaiger up to ToQger for Super Sentai, Samurai up to Megaforce for Power Rangers, I don't recognize MMPR remastered)

Gia Moran- Maybe the reason why I'm stuck on Shinkenger was well, Mako so while Megaforce isn't anything special and has its awful moments, what does Saban's crew think it's doing?!  Despite the awful moments and plus, no offense but I think Christina Masterson's acting is too sub-par imo while Ciara Hanna is not only gorgeous but she can also act (But it's not really all that outstanding for an Oscar but so what?  I don't need an Oscar winner as long as they can act!).  She's in fact the only reason why I stuck through Megaforce even with all the bad pacing. =P