Why OFWs Might Be the End of the Philippine Economy

I used to think of OFWs as unsung heroes or whatever, but one thing might be certain is that the government plus the bad culture of Pinoys is what is starting to ruin the Philippines.  You could try to think about Migraine International which was founded presumably in honor of Flor Contemplacion which later pleaded for the lives of the guilty OFWs such as Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Ordinario-Villanueva.  What the group is actually doing is making the Filipinos look as if they are sinless and pure when they are not.  There are good Filipinos and there are also bad ones.  So what's with this and the Philippine economy?

It's March and it's almost Flor Contemplacion day, it's also the month when her three sons were arrested for drug trafficking and the execution of the three drug mules Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Ordinario-Villanueva.  What I have to say right now is that looking back at Flor Contemplacion's execution, the Philippine government tried to plead for further investigation even after a thorough investigation at Singapore.  It led to the birth of the Flor Contemplacion Story by Joel Lamangan, to which even her two sons Joel and Jun Jun who are now in jail starred in it.  The film tried to make Flor look so innocent and meek, in the reality the three year investigation period disproved the "last minute testimony" that she was drugged and abused by the Singaporean police.  After that, former president Fidel V. Ramos foolishly called her a heroine and strained relations with Singapore.  In fact this song even came...

Sorry if I have to be cruel with this one but this is really a portrayal at how pathetic the song really is.  But that wasn't the end of the story as more bad OFW incidents happened like Jonathan Aquino's deportation from the UK for mistreating the patient or this...

The execution of drug mules from the Philippines in China.  Was it racist?  No!  China was just doing its job in removing every last drug mule and in fact, it executes its own people who are drug mules.  In fact, I would say that Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Ordinario-Villanueva all got what they deserved as much as every guilty criminal in China.  Filipinos are no exception to the rule of justice.

Now for the OFW story... so what's behind many of them?  Some OFWs are decent ones who decide to work abroad because their profession works better outside than in the Philippines (ex. engineering, comptuer science), worth saluting but many are sad to say destroying the good image.  What I am about to explain is that more OFWs aren't really helping matters and only a few are:

This is what is going on.  Pinoys want easy money rather than slowly build up.  They want the easy way out so they apply for foreign jobs.  They want their children to take nursing to fill the gap until it became oversaturated.  You may want to consider also that OFW can mean what the cartoon meant above.  So you could consider the sad, sad fact that some of them could have chosen to work here.  I mean, some people may work in the bank for a minimum wage at first but be smart, save the money and not do it lavishly.  Some people rather than work abroad to pay for children's tuition, encourage their children to be legitimate working students.  They start to progress and choose the difficult road and succeed in a way even if they don't become rich.

Now for the OFWs I remembered two siblings.  They both were somewhat poor.  The other sibling slowly made a fortune though he never became a billionaire with a decent business.  The other flew to Taiwan with his crazy wife.  The one who went to Taiwan was pretty spendthrift.  Every time he got the money, he spent it on expensive stuff.  It was later discovered he was actually stealing money from the company they worked for resulting in them getting fired.  After moving back to the Philippines, they did brag about their expensive stuff but they were having a huge hole in their pocket.

Another case of OFWs is sad to say but many of them are actually raising a lazy extended family.  Brother, sister, nephews, nieces... you name it!  It's a sad thing to how these people don't realize it's never easy to work abroad to earn dollars or euro or whatever.  It does get annoying to why OFWs who do so are called heroes when they are not heroes but leech breeders.  And in the quest for "easy money:" it makes them easy targets to work for drug syndicates because there's "easier money" in smuggling marijuana, shabu, cocaine and the like than being a caregiver.  If this keeps going on, other countries will start to develop a negative bias against Filipino workers in general, against the Filipino government, etc. thus further straining the economic relations.

Think about it...


  1. It is an undeniable fact that there are such OFW's around the world. Yes, we can spend the whole day talking about it, discussing what kinds of crime they committed. The same goes for other nationalities, whether your from america, europe, asia, it's not just OFW's. And we should not also forget the contribution of OFW's to the economy of the Philippines, doing business in the Philippines has improved significantly because of the remittances, families back home have something to spend, Yes, it is also true that they are making their relatives dependent to them but it all boils down on how the OFW teach his family and how he manage the money.

    1. However I am also concerned that overly relying on OFWs is NOT a good thing.


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