Passing the Crown of "Hotter than Any Super Sentai and Power Rangers Girl" from Kimberly to Mako

Well here's just me and coronation time... hehe!  Now just my time to write another random entry for fun!

Well everybody realizes how much I was hooked with Kimberly Hart (by now) to which I really admit I admit she's hotter than any other Power Rangers or Super Sentai girl.  So okay it doesn't mean I didn't find other girls hot, I found a lot of them hot including Mei but in my point of view, I thought Kimberly really exceeded them all.  In fact not even Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine or Sakura ever matched her imo.  Some find Kat prettier but me, I prefer Kimberly over them all.  Probably I'm just biased or maybe not, but Kimberly has a fanboy base.  I do respect those who disagree with me though like Mr. Smith or any Reiko Chiba fan (as long as they aren't Sentai fantards).  Amy Jo Johnson the actress was really pretty though some may disagree but that's okay.

It was long until 2009 I passed the crown to Mako Shiraishi.  For one, we do know heroes in the 90s are now all pass their prime regardless of which gender they are.  I did like Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine and Sakura as hot but I didn't really think they would easily impact me like Kimberly did.  But Mako?  Hehe the actress Rin Takanashi was a real impact to me considering she almost looked like she was a mixture of Japanese and Western blood.  I thought that Rin was well perhaps what I could call as the prettier, sexier version of Amy Jo Johnson which even led me to write that comical scenario in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon where the Sentards thought that she was Kimberly for laughs.  To be honest, I would also say that while I find Moune, Gia, Emma (but she's not much my type), Luka and Ahim were pretty but Mako is unusually hot.