Basics in Making 3D Pictures!

Well I'm now waiting for further instructions to correct my important research but it doesn't mean I won't write when I can.  Now here's some trick from Photoshop that could be very useful.  Now it's time to make 3D pictures out of selected pictures.  Here's the trick:

Here's a picture of Victoria Justice my current favorite Nickelodeon girl we will use as the subject.  Now for the basics:

1.) Open any file in Adobe Photoshop.
2.) Second, duplicate the background once and name it "Red".
3.) Right click, select "Blending Options" and turn off the Green and Blue Channels.
4.) Select the "Move Tool" and press right a certain number of times, preferably five times.
5.) Duplicate the background again, make it into the second layer (Ctrl + ]) to move it upward from the first duplicated layer and name it "Cyan".
6.) Now move the second layer to the left probably at least three times.
7.) Trial and error until you get to see the desired 3D image.  I have only done moving the Red Layer five times and the Cyan layer three times.  But for best results, work with 3D glasses.

Here's the result of the tests:

This is just a test to make a 3D touch to the pictures.