Oldie But Goodie: Claire Danes WAS RIGHT About Manila's Sanitation!

\It was 1999 and I can remember Claire Danes' comment about the rats, sewers and sanitation of Manila.  How true is it?  Very TRUE!  And can I blame her for commenting about it?  No not at all.  If I were in her place, I would FEEL the same.  I mean, Manila is so filthy compared to the Visayas.  I mean places like Cebu, Bohol and Iloilo usually get things cleaner.  As for her, she was from a developed country, she then lands in the "paradise" that is Manila and she gets all that dirt.  I mean, who cannot comment over the disgusting dirt except a pig brain?  The result was Claire Danes was banned indefinitely for that reason.  They act again as if Claire Danes can't survive without Manila!

And here is where typical Pinoys get butthurt.  They get criticized for their wrongdoings, they all react like they never commit a fault at all.  I mean, it's a bad habit for most Pinoys to think they are always right and that everybody else is wrong, resulting to giving insulting and unfair criticisms over constructive ones.  And for me, Claire Danes had EVERY RIGHT to criticize Manila's bad hygiene.  I mean, why be proud of something negative?  That's exactly the problem of Pinoy pride- proud even for the worst things!

And I mean why be proud of a dirty city?  Lots of cockroaches and rats means MORE GERMS and all.  Can you have fun when you are confined because of diseases?  No!  I mean, I don't want to watch any concert in a slum area, I would like a clean area!  I wouldn't want to eat in a restaurant where sanitation is below par.  Squatters may look happy now but I think deep inside they are miserable.  And thinking about all the rats and cockroaches, "Imperial Manila" is a picture of how dirty the place is.  Rude people, inhospitable people, criminals left and right... which makes it a bad place for business.  Then they spend their time belittling the progressive Visayas which they want to be out.  They want progress?  WORK FOR IT!

So really as said if you don't want to be criticized for wrong, then don't do wrong.  I mean, this is again double standard which reminds me of how double standard Pinoys are.  They demand 100% ownership when they go abroad but will only give 40% ownership to foreign firms.  They demand to be recognized but won't recognize others.  They are good at criticizing others but get mad when they are criticized.  They demand respect but don't respect others.  They are one sided, double standard hypocrites!

If "Imperial Manila" wants better recognition, it should start to clean up its cities, be stricter with cleanliness, have more proper law enforcement (not too strict nor too lenient), throw away the oligarchs and it will be a better place!