A Speculation on President Nobita's Tears During the SONA

People of the Philippines, I do care about you!- President Nobita

As if his sister Krisis' tears aren't enough, President Nobita actually showed his "crying" during the SONA.  So what was possibly in store for President Nobita's tears?  Was he really 'sad' about the state of the nation?  I can't really say he didn't shed tears for the HK hostage crisis or the Typhoon Yolanda, but as said all he probably does is cry over spilled milk while taking his responsibilities... and I would like to speculate on why he shed tears during that AWFULLY BORING SONA of the band leader of No Direction!

Obviously the truth is out that the illustrations above can convey.  President Nobita's administration is NOT at all excellent as it should be.  From the botched HK crisis where he refused to apologize up to the DAP, PDAF and how irresponsible he is in giving funds, it proves Nobita's competency is a HUGE ZERO one way or another.  Other effects of President Nobita's stupidity are the MRT delays, no fixing for the NAIA Airport, no motion to help solve the power crisis of the Philippines and so on.

One could consider the 1987 Con-job-sitution's ill effects had only strengthened the Macoy oligarchs.  I mean why weren't these oligarchs jailed in the first place?  The illustration above would be Suneo's mother represents the foreign investor and Tamako Nobi (who looks like lhe late Cory Aquino) represents the 1987 Conjobstitution's 60/40 policy.  The 60/40 is unfair for investors since it does not agree to flexible joint venture or at least 50/50 and above policy depending on agreement.  Most foreign investors would want at least 50/50 but the 1987 Conjobstitution.  What is worse is that President Nobita won out of sympathy vote for his mother's death, his father's martyrdom ignoring the fact he is not his father... he was not fighting against Marcos and during the coup, he was at the disco.  By continuing the oligarchy structure, President Nobita has drowned his country into a state close to North Korea or Bangladesh.

Or just think of the fact that perhaps President Nobita's tears come from the fact that a lot and I mean a LOT OF PEOPLE are making fun of him online for his huge incompetence.  There's a lot of slogans that show how stupid the President is... but the above one is my favorite since I failed to notice the uncanny resemblance between President Nobita and the cartoon Nobita.

Besides, a lot of people BUY this garbage that Nobita cares.  Maybe President Nobita wanted to show people that he cares... NEVER MIND TYPHOON YOLANDA AND THAT EARTHQUAKE!  He built bad bunkhouses and didn't use the money to build better bunkhouses and finance projects to help restore structures.  Nobita cares?  Only for the Nobitard!  What they don't realize is that President Nobita is a leader with no direction.  If he has one direction, it's towards more stupidity!  Can it get any worse?!  Besides he SHOULD be voted into the MMFF for best actor.


  1. Well, that's what almost every Pinoy politician is good at: being drama kings and queens... (teleserye culture much?)

  2. Actually his real name is "Noynoybita"... And who always comes to the rescue to save his lazy, incompetent ass ? Obamaemon (a.k.a Obaemon) with his bottomless magical pocket full of drones, US Special Forces advisers and USAID funds !


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