Are Failipinos Ready For Things THAT MATTER?!

So what's wrong with the Failipino (another degrading term for bad Filipinos aside from Pinoy) culture?  Obviously, it's never ready for things that matter.  They want to be in a constant state of happiness.  They think that they should be just happy all the time and ignore the problems around them.  Certainly laughter is good medicine but times need when we need to be enthusiastic about doing work.  There is nothing wrong with fun but the Failipino's view of fun is just stupid and perverted.  For them, it's all about fun and they don't value work.  If one loves their work, their work is not a burden but for the Failipino, they view work as a burden and not something to delight with.  The wrong types of pleasure can cause long consequences like joblessness, poverty and bad health.  Below are just some observations I have made:

Looking at the urban poor, are these people ready for the things that matter?  I doubt it.  They produce lots of kids and don't even give them proper education.  If all they want are children born but not children fed and educated, children to grow up properly then as I said, that's the Failipino trait of being pro-birth.  It's not pro life.  The urban poor only care about fun never mind trying to get a decent job to get out of poverty.  Some of them even leech on their working relatives who may be a laborer or domestic helper.  What's even more foolish is that this relative even agrees to give money to these lazy relatives!  It also kind of makes me get angry to know some people in school who are poor and yet they don't even study their lessons properly.  They don't realize how much pain their parents go through just to put them in school.

Entertainment becomes more important than important issues.  Entertainment news is just like dessert.  There is nothing wrong with desserts but you need a healthy meal first.  Problem is, with entertainment being more important than national issues, it's like having more ice cream and cake than eating a balanced meal.  I remembered how somebody I hate so much kept crying over Krisis Aquino's love life rather than do her duties in our group.  These types of people would skip school to be in the arcade.  I am glad some arcade centers prohibit students from entering at a certain time and day.  And come election day, celebrities get voted in spite of lack of competence.  They all voted for Robert Jaworski just because he's a basketball player, they all voted for Sherap and Unggoy all because they were celebrities and what's next?  A Krisis Aquino presidency?!

Failipinos are most to care about what affects their egos the most with their "I am royalty mentality".  They think they are the best so anything that exposes them not as the best, they get mad.  Remember that textbook incident?  Ultra-nationalist Failipinos got mad over that textbook that stereotyped the Filipino in HK as a domestic helper.  For me, it's always much better to be called a domestic helper than a drug mule.  For the Failipino, being part of a service industry as a laborer or maid is "lowly".  Rather than be an honest janitor/laborer/maid while trying to finish College, it could be they would rather drop out of school and sell narcotics to live fancy with all the nice stuff while some well-to-do are willing to do menial work.  They should be more concerned about the bad behavior of Overseas Failipino Workers who are putting to shame the Overseas Filipino Workers.

The government and leftists are too focused on freeing GUILTY Failipinos abroad from doing the time for doing the crime.  It's not a good sign for a people to stand by their people no matter what wrong they commit.  The government's refusal to do stuff that do matter like opening up the economy (remove 60/40 in favor of higher degrees of joint venture agreement like China did), peace and order, sending taxpayers' money for the right projects (ex. fixing sewage and cleanliness problems, improving public schools) would have been better than worrying about freeing guilty citizens who should do the time abroad.  Anybody who makes heroes out of criminals is indeed a person of bad morals.

The poor health standards of the country proves that the Philippines is never ready for the Ebola virus or any related plague.  While HK and Singapore were ready for SARS, Imperial Manila wasn't (so much for Pinoy pride).  Failipinos just don't value cleanliness evidenced by spitting everywhere, pooing and peeing anywhere they want, throwing their garbage anywhere and they call Singapore as everybody's favorite tyranny because it holds heavy fines for dirty habits.  Having gone to Singapore and Hong Kong, I am impressed at how these countries have a high standard of cleanliness and proper health measure.  In the Philippines, the City Health and the DOH have mediocre habits.  Remember the melamine scandal?  The poor standards of the FDA and other related offices ended up causing the fake Chinese food products to enter. China dealt with it immediately.  If the scandal happened in the Philippines, how would the Pinoys deal with it?  Plus, is the Philippines ready for an Ebola virus outbreak?  That's what GRP has to write and I agree that the Philippines is not ready.  The virus kills anybody and Failipinos are no exception.

Obviously, the Failipinos don't care about things that matter... it's just all about them.  And if they are just all about them, why don't they just go ahead and create their own state in some uncharted island and show the Philippines how to run a country.