Dealing With Trolls in Life? NEVER MIND!

There's the saying that sometimes, you need to play the ignore game for once.  I mean, while you can't ignore helpful advice but you can always ignore idiots.  And why are they idiots and morons?  Is it because of a low IQ?  A stupid person can have a high IQ or high academic achievement (ex. Viraliano Aguirre) but they know the truth but choose to believe in lies.  They think they are so smart to even defy authority or to make monkey gestures in court.  So what's my solution?  For one, I can't afford to blow my top like Miriam Santiago does (which wasn't good either)... instead I might as well play the ignore game.

Getting mad only wastes much precious energy and destroys precious logic.  After all, trolls want attention don't they?  Getting mad or laughing at them is attention.  Trolls are KSP or kulang sa pansin, in English they lack attention.  Give them the slightest attention, the cycle will continue.  The practice of sila or non-violence except in life and death is the key to defeating them.  My brain has experienced being fried up all because of responding to people who are just a nuisance.  And no wonder my story writing soured up so bad because aside from getting drunk (because I had a bad habit of getting drunk whenever I'm upset with idiots I face a lot), I always have my logic circuits fried in the process!

Knowing these three persons that messed up with my childhood, I just ignore them whether it's my former best friend, my evil Math teacher who's now teaching in Tondo or my "beloved" cousin Loki who tortured me every summer vacation.  I just play the ignore game with such people these days.  Why should I continue seeking to ruin then? THEY ARE RUINING THEMSELVES!

Maybe I could also talk about encountering that so-called economics expert who thinks he knows everything.  Stupid people are deluded to the fact they are stupid, they think they know everything better than everyone.  A person of lower IQ is not necessarily stupid... he's just somebody who has a harder time learning.  But a stupid person trolls others because they are insecure.  Attacking their insecurities will just make them act like wild bulls. So why even give in right?  Trolls have their own insecurities and they feel the need to bother somebody... because they are insecure.  Some of them may actually be just middle class so they brag they are rich, some of them are pampered rich brats that lack parental attention and the list can go on.

In life, you can't avoid situations but you can choose how to respond right?  Besides, there's a judicial system to deal and karma is a bitch like this video below... and should matters escalate, peace and order control is absolutely necessary.

There's the example of Eric Paolino at the People's Court.  After the landlord/tenant dispute where he was at the wrong, he obviously got what he deserved when the judge got him for his bad behavior.  Sad to say, he never apologized to the court and just told the Miami Herald he felt like he wasn't in a court of law.  For one, I applaud the judge's decision not only to give him a scathing treatment but also for giving justice to the tenant who was on the right.

As said karma will be a a real bitch... just play defensively not offensively.