ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! No More Second Term For President Nobita!

Nobitards at the Malacanang Palace giving praises to President Nobita!

Nobitards are always, "One more term for President Nobita!" which is they think Nobita is holy, all hail Nobita... which is this kind of mentality.  For those who have seen "Despicable Me", Nobitards just follow their yellow leader like the Minions, are following Nobita like crazy.

Really are those tears ENOUGH to make President Nobita a good leader?  I can CRY all I want when I make a speech, I can pretend all I want that I am a good leader... but it CANNOT change the fact that I'm a lousy leader.  Sad to say but President Nobita's tears are more probable due to being berated by people on the Internet rather than the country's situation.

One can look at the lack of common sense of President Nobita as a head of state.  From the HK Hostage Crisis up to the pork barrel, he's shown to have a very small brain.  Why does he give comfortable detention cells for pork barrel sinators while he builds ugly bunkhouses for Yolanda victims?  He's raising pigs inside an expensive pig pen!  If he just apologized to HK for the blunder of the Pinoy National Patola, it would have not strained HK/Phil relationships but his stupidity always brings the country to a brink of destruction.  
President Nobita has not opened up the economy resulting to more oligarch controlled firms.  Electricity, water, telecommunications... it's either monopolized or oligarchized.  For example, Muralco as a company being the only power provider in Luzon, is free to abuse its clients.  If he opened up the economy by giving higher joint venture packages to 100% ownership in terms of intangible assets, more foreign companies would come in which in turn, will increase manufacturing as well.  Or two, if monopolizing needs such as electricity and water were not allowed, the oligarchy can be trimmed down significantly!  But President Nobita just strengthened the oligarchy that the late Bongbong Macoy started.  Without the oligarchy system, there will be more Philippine-made versions of foreign brands.

Obviously by refusing to repeal 60/40, it discourages foreign investors from the Philippines and in turn, it protects the oligarchs.  Blessed to have 60/40?  Only somebody as stupid as Peter Griffin from Family Guy (hate that show) can think like that!  So he's just dealing with his mama's negative policies proving he's just another mama's boy.

As said, it seems to be a lot of Filipinos ahem Failipinos bought this slogan one way or another.  It's utterly stupid and irrational to continue to think Nobita cares with his incompetence.  Clearly.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!