Is Philippine-Made Entertainment Really at Rapid Decline?

After seeing my fellow Rurouni Kenshiners along with a group of fans at SM Megamall Mandaluyong, I really gushed over the reality and even if I wasn't there, I still felt happy that some of my comrades got to meet and greet them.  Now it's here, the second Rurouni Kenshin move called Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.  The event's massive attendance by Filipino fans and Rurouni Kenshiners like myself, I just wonder is the Philippine entertainment industry at a rapid decline?

I just thought about it... is the Philippine-made entertainment industry indeed a failure?  Could the long line there be a proof that Philippine entertainment is in decline?  That is Philippine entertainment is so bad it doesn't deserve patriotism anywhere even in its home country?  I start to think of how much Filipino entertainment has become Failipino entertainment throughout the years.  Whether it's ABias-CBN or Ginago Mga Audience they show loads of garbage, no wonder the average Filipino is more Failipino than a true patriot.  For a Failipino to berate the work of one's countryman is equivalent to non-patriotism.  Oh boy, please spare me Leo Echegaray's victim mentality already!

One good example is why I choose Chinese or Japanese drama over Failipino drama.  For one, Chinese or Japanese drama have better acting, better script writing, wholehearted work most of the time.  Problem with Failipino drama is that it's very half-baked, bad acting, poor scripting, poor special effects, making heroes out of disrespectful people.

Should I mention overextension?  Remembering the time Morona ran in ABias-CBN and Twin Sisters ran in Ginago Mga Audience, one can see what's wrong.  Imagine Morona aired much earlier than Twin Sisters but it just beats around the bush.  Twin Sisters on other hand may have turned the story a little bit, ended earlier than the latter.  Twin Sisters ended after two months of broadcast, what about Morona?  Morona aside from its bad special effects, mediocre acting, etc., is just terrible.  Twin Sisters may have had some issues with its lead guy but you can see, he was dedicated to his job.  Not everyone can be outstanding but everyone can at least, be dedicated to do their jobs the best they can.  Unfortunately that's not a trait valued by the Failipino networks.

One of the worst atrocities are many of the Filipino superhero shows that don't deserve respect.  For one, I do acknowledge that Marvel Comics copies ideas from other sources.  The problem is not copying but when they say, "Oh it's purely our very own."  Excuse me!  The real reason why I say most of them don't deserve respect is because of how lousy they are in being carried out.  I find nothing wrong in making heroes based on other people like Japan has its own version of Spiderman, Darna is a modified Wonder Woman (as she is not an Amazonian but a normal being, plus Wonder Woman doesn't swallow anything to transform)... which again, we all do get ideas somewhere.  My example of mediocrity of Zaidorks.

Why Zaidorks?  Obviously Zaidorks could have succeeded as an unofficial Shaider sequel IF the writers took care in writing it.  But instead, we get loads and loads of trashy stories, beating around the bush and everything that's wrong with Pinoy drama.  I was at first excited about the concept but no, just no.  The execution is really poor, you get a lot of unlikable characters, slow pacing, too many fillers... an enlightened Filipino wouldn't call that good!  Zaido is just a total failure.  Even if it's not bootleg, it's easy to label it as fake and bootleg because of its awful quality.  Zaidorks could have succeeded ONLY IF the script writing, execution, etc. was done well.  I mean, Japan has adapted Marvel and DC into Anime and it's done well.  Zaidorks has no excuse!

Not to mention I'd love to keep bringing up the quality of most contemporary Philippine music is more Failipino than Filipino.  Okay to those who have been reading the Satirical News, No Direction is just a concept I've invented.  But what if President Nobita, Pink, Doraemar the Transformer, Kill and Money all formed this band?  Certainly, it would be INFERNAL.  A lot of so called Original Pinoy Music is better called as OBVIOUSLY PATHETIC MUSIC!  And why is that?  They say it's original but all they do is copy tunes... now nothing wrong with that BUT why call it OPM?  Another evidence of mediocrity is how half-baked the instrumentals, the vocals, etc. is and the MVs are mostly bad.  Any quality Filipino music should be distinguised from the Obviously Pathetic Music of Failipinos and Pinoy pridists.  They want to be "patriotic"?"  They should sing in Baybayin, use the Kulintang and of course, no recording can be done after al!

In fact, one might want to say gone are the days of the songs of Dulce Amor, Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Pilita Corales to name a few and say hello to the generation of Obviously Pathetic Music by Failipino artists.  Assuming that President Nobita really formed his band called "No Direction", it might attract the mockery of the world.  It might even cause neighboring countries to send their armies to stop their infernal concert.  Besides, what if the long line at SM Mall of Asia was because the One Directioners just can't patronize Failipino music?  Obviously, no competence means being crushed by competition.

And I just had my thought also of the incident last February 14, 2013 when Congress sought to get rid of the Filipino's right to bring books, CDs and movies from abroad for personal use. WTF?  Seriously, they want the country to remain stupid with their local garbage after all!

Unless the Philippine entertainment industry will improve itself, it should not expect any form of patronage from enlightened Filipinos who will reject all forms of garbage wherever it comes from!


  1. Mr. Sean Akizuki

    It's true that Philippine entertainment is fully deteriorating as we see in

    Philippine TV drama/movie:

    1. They rip-off from other countries by turning them into trashy version.
    2. If making original shows, they create much immoral like kabitserye, homosexuality as seen in My husband's lover, kalandian(flirtation) like pers lab, got to believe.

    For Filipino songs:

    1. They use foreign music and make Tagalog songs using them like Pinoy ako, banana, psycho sya(much irritates me to the core).
    2. Remaking songs may not be bad but it's the way common yearly.
    3. Wastedproductions insults foreign song by using Filipino words to mock them as they see J-songs and K-songs so funny to sing.

    For Filipino Superhero shows:

    1. They add too much annoying drama.
    2. Superheroes are meant for them to seduce masses of all gender.
    3. Remakes are so mainstream and making them so dramatic.

    Well For me, The only Filipino channel who is the greatest is NET 25 because that channel even lacks airing of anime, toku, & jdorama, it's still the excellent. Their tradition is excellent as they only air informative and educational shows(local and foreign) with very few drama(only foreign) rather than making rip-off or immoral shows.

    While in comedy, the next Pugo & Togo, Panchito, Rene Requiestas, & Dolphy are Tado & Ramon Bautista. Because their comedy never berates anyone regardless of gender, race, situation, & physical appearance like that faggot in ABS-CBN.

    Well, Japanese shows like anime, toku, & jdorama are the best because their shows are so rich in story, plots, gimmicks(for toku), & characters. Sometimes (but mostly in toku) they have novice actors as leads or majors to give them starters in their careers.

    1. There's nothing wrong with copying ideas as long as you can also add your originality in a good way. Problem is Pinoy TV is always making things trashy. The problem is not always the loss of originality, I mean even I copy ideas from others but a lack of quality.

  2. Who cares about Failipino entertainment nowadays when you have the internet? B-)

    Oh wait a minute; net services are pretty crappy here. Don't get me started in coming up with conspiracy theories which makes me connect crappy internet with Failipino entertainment... -_-


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