President Nobita's Fanatical Supporters Are Preventing the Philippines From MOVING FORWARD!

Obviously for Nobitards, Nobita is their king!

I wrote an article on why Failipino Netizens should not be satisfied with President Nobita, the same happens with how they actually prevent the Philippines from moving forward hence it becomes of Nobitards and their "eh-bola" virus.  So how are Nobitards preventing the Philippines from moving forward?

Nobitards obviously have no mind of their own.  Like I said, watch Despicable Me and you can get a close picture of Nobitardism and yellow revolution.  Yellow is not always a good color. For example, yellow fever.  And yellow as a symbol of imperialism in China, which the Chinese monarchy mostly had an ill reputation one dynasty after another.  And for the Nobita Revolution, remember that Nobita's late mother Cory was not even fit to be President in the first place!  They only voted for Nobita because of Ninoy.  Oh please, Nobita is not his father Ninoy!

For the Nobitard, any opinion not of Nobita or the Nobita Liberal Party must be shunned.  I guess that was what was running on in Atty. Viraliano Aguirre's head when he covered his ears during Miriam's lecture.  Although he didn't state it directy, however he was already showing that, "You suck Miriam, Nobita's party rules!"  Not a surprise, Aguirre's father used to be the chairman of the Nobita Liberal Party.  Although he had no interest in running for politics, he was still a supporter of the Nobita Liberal Party and a legal consultant for some of its known members like Lacson and Duterte.

President Nobita obviously knows nothing and the word "accountability" does not even exist in his brain.  All he does is make stupid decisions and says, "Eh..." every time when he is asked for the truth.  Which of course, leads to the sad fact that he is always with his "Pwede Na Yan" attitude.  His rule by mediocrity and stupidity isn't helping the Philippines at all.  They will continue to support 60/40 and other practices that need to be repealed from the 1987 Constitution Conjobstitution!

Besides President Nobita's supporters are already in favor of a country with No Direction.  People in their wish for perpetual bliss are only fooling themselves.  While they try to display smiles on their selfies, don't financial burdens actually CRUSH THEM?  I'm not saying they should aim to be billionaires but at least, they should seek to alleviate their poverty.  Sometimes, rock bottom poverty is not always the fault of the economy, sometimes you become poor because of your poor choices.  But in supporting a president that supports mediocrity, the nation will always have no direction.