President Nobita's Late Mother DID NOT Support Charter Change!

Nobita how many times do I have to tell you, NO MORE TERM EXTENSION!

Although thelate Cory was an incompetent president because of her lack of political experience, but one thing is certain the 1987 Constitution however DID NOT support charter change.  The 1987 Constitution may have refused to uplift the late Ferdinand Macoy's oligarchy policies and reinforced protectionism of the economy but it set a President's term to only six years, no more no less to prevent the rise of another Macoy-like dictatorship.  Also Nobita's late father Ninoy though it's debatable whether he died for only his political campaign or not, however I believe he also envisioned to make sure that the Philippines was restored to democracy although Cory did fail to implement some necessary reforms.

So what is Nobita doing exactly?  He's just being a vindictive, childish idiot who is working hard to get rid of his personal enemies than fighting corruption.  DAP, PDAF and other financial projects will just end up supporting pig politicians.  Also the fact that President Nobita is open to second term is obviously a violation of what his mother wanted, no more second term for presidents.  I mean, no matter how incompetent the late Cory was, however she did do a favor by refusing to extend her term.  And now President Nobita has done a lot of unconstitutional stuff which even the 1987 Constitution didn't agree with like the anti-cybercrime law (to protect his sissy ass), just being vindictive (to a lesser extent as he didn't assassinate them) and now, SECOND TERM?  What in the world is Nobita thinking?

Obviously while President Nobita may not deserve life imprisonment or death penalty but I still believe he needs to spend time in a REGULAR JAIL!  Yes, that should be where his second term is!


  1. About out current constitution not supporting charter change, we do have provisions regarding that in a way through Article XVII: Amendments of Revisions. It's just that it's not being used:


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