The 1987 Conjobstitution is Deadly!

It's a shame really how many people think of Cory as the icon of democracy, the Joan of Arc of Manila and she was definitely NOT EVEN QUALIFIED neither was her son Nobita, and please don't give the Philippines a Krisis Aquino presidency either.  The problem was not her gender but her competence or should I say incompetence.  The 1987 Constitution is better known as the 1987 Conjobstitution!

Some fat moron said, "You Filpinos are blessed with 60/40... it protects your country."  Screw that pig!  To be honest, I've had enough of listening to his dribbles of how "blessed" the late Cory was.  And yes, a lot of people still think Cory is an icon of democracy, she was not even participating in the People Power movement.  And EDSA?  Well I don't know if it should be called a sham or what.  But for all we know, one revolution creates another stupid government type of movement.  Obviously that guy, the Blob hasn't really known the real situation of how dangerous protectionism is as well as the 1987 Conjobstitution.

The Chinese revolution led by Mao Zedong is one good example to compare the 1987 Conjobstitution too.  Mao Zedong led a revolution against the corrupt governance of Chiang Kai Shek, only to be replaced from an incompetent government to a tyranny that drove China into rags while Mao lived in riches.  Chairman Mao although he was a brilliant military tactician, only drove China to rags with his Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward.  By closing the economy to the world, China became a sleeping giant.

Only when the infamous Deng Xiaopeng began to open China to the world, start encouraging foreign investments into the country did the country become a better nation.  All that was in 1978.  Although Deng Xiaopeng ordered the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre, he should be credited for creating Special Economic Zones.  Although China in the later years didn't always accept 100% ownersip for foreigners but they granted a 50% ownership and above, thus becoming more conducive to business activities.

By removing the order of death penalty (which was unjustly used by Macoy on his political opponents and critics to stay in power), the 1987 Conjobstitution removed it entirely.  Some say because they want to be "humanitarian" but the problem is this... a dangerous crook is a dangerous crook.  Death penalty when done on the right people regulates crime.  Besides, abolishing death penalty protects corrupt crooks who should die by firing squad should their records be open.  Giving them life sentence may give them the chance of "sudden pardon".  In fact, the Philippines has a LOOOOOOONG list of politicians who should be executed and should have been executed.  Counties with proper use of death penalty like Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and China keep their countries at check.

This picture will look better if they were on death row... =P

Unggoy and his father Sherap should have been executed YEARS AGO for massive plunder.  All who remember the Sherap Impeachment should have realized that with all that jueteng and stealing, the former president should have been hanged or executed by firing squad.  It was also a mistake for Miriam Defensor Santiago to jump into Sherap's defense that time (no offense, she really lost it that time)..  And the fact that Unggoy himself has already been charged one too many times, how come did he still stay in power?  To be honest, I would have actually loved to see these two executed!  Besides those also responsible behind kudeta should have been shot but the late Cory just pardoned them.

What looks like the pattern of Filipino politics might be summarized by these words.  Convicted, tried, jailed, wheelchair, hospital, cured, pardoned... runs again all thanks to the 1987 Conjobstitution!