The Confessions of a Rurouni Kenshiner

Okay I'm not really a huge fan of Rurouni Kenshin but... I am still a Rurouni Kenshiner (a term I created for fandom of the series) in a way.  So I did slowly abandon Anime for live shows because live action clicks to me more.  However here's what I started to think about Rurouni Kenshin... and what I really remembered about it.

I could remember I didn't really follow it all to well due to weekday broadcasts.  For one, I wish to buy the DVDs to see everything from start to end.  My fond memories were the Aoshi arc, the Shishio arc (my favorite), the Amakusa Arc and the Feng Shui arc.  Amakusa was more anti-hero than a real villain, he wanted to save his people.  And for one, I also thought of how the cast may have influenced one Super Sentai series...

Maybe in part, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as influenced the OVA's beginning almost made Tori Matsuzaka look like he is going to be Kenshin Himura.  Also looking at Rin Takanashi and Suzuka Morita, they kind of remind me of Kaoru and Misao with their appearances.  Well my expectation kind of got shattered when the Den-Liner hit the past resulting to...

Well Den-O became Kenshin!  Takeru Sato became Kenshin Himura instead of my desired actor, Tori Matsuzaka.  Then I realized Kenshin isn't a tall fellow, Tori Matsuzaka is 6'2 which makes him too tall for the character.  Apparently in Japan, they do try to be a little more accurate with adaptations of any media, unlike American entertainment.  So far, the first movie was so good I cried tears of joy.

The Den-Liner hit the Philippines as Takeru Sato actually visits the Philippines.  It made me think of the significance of the death of Imperial Japan and ties between Modern Japan and the rest of the world.  Imperial Japan was an enemy of the Philippines and all its colonies.  Modern Japan is a friend to the former territories of Imperial Japan.  I thought I wanted to meet them in person but oh well... it's really a slight disappointment.  But I'm happy for all those Rurouni Kenshiners who got the autographs!