Will Any Anti-Japanese Feelings Help the Philippines?

I'm happy to hear these words as a Rurouni Kenshiner!!!!

As a Rurouni Kenshiner, I was happy that no reports any leftist protests happened during the arrival of Takeru Sato, Emi Takei and Munetaki Aoi had a warm reception from the Filipino fans.  However I would believe there were some leftists who always have their poor excuse and hatred towards foreigners.  This is xenophobia and they always have their "Pinoy pride"...

Perhaps a poor excuse of anti-Japanese feelings is because of Japanese invasion during World War II.  What they FAIL to discern is that without foreign help, the Philippines could have remained a Spanish colony and two, that Imperial Japan is as good as dead.  Today, Japan is no longer an imperial system, gone is the Tokugawa era, gone is the Empire of Japan after World War 2.  America and Japan are now allies, no longer enemies.  Today we have Modern Japan, not Imperial Japan.  Today, the Emperor of Japan is just a symbolic head of the state, proving the Empire of Emperor Hirohito has long been dead.  The Japanese that oppressed the Philippines were Imperial Japanese, today most of them are either dead or just remnants.

America has buried the hatchet and chose to consider Imperial Japan the end of one era, Modern Japan is already what's currently the state of Japan.  Unfortunately some people just love to still bring u the issue of Imperial Japan, never mind that empire has long been dead.  For the Philippines to continue hating the Japanese because of Imperial Japan, come on the war was SO LONG AGO as if the Japanese today are the same Japanese that oppressed their grandparents and great-grandparents long ago during the Second World War!  Unfortunately South Korea still has its anti-Japanese sentiments and most Koreans are a very rude people.

Today we have some half-Filipino, half-Japanese stars such as Sayaka Akimoto a former AKB48 member.  They have been a great part of the entertainment industry in bringing out the greatness that Filipinos never knew they possessed, because the Philippines is ran by Failipino standards and Pinoy standards, not Filipino standards.  Today, some Filipinos end up having decent jobs in Japan because of the stupid economic protectionism policy of 60/40.

So why still hate Modern Japan?  Imperial Japan is already long dead!