Yes to Second Term for President Nobita- IN JAIL!!!!

Yes President Nobita you may get a second term... in JAIL!

If there's one term for President Nobita that's worth it, it should be in JAIL!  Why is that?  Nobitards always agree to everything Nobita does without realizing that he is also guilty of corruption charges and bad governance.  With DAP, DAPat siya managot or in English, he should answer for it!  The DAP, PDAF and a lot more is nothing more than proof that President Nobita is not only incompetent but the fact he has continued these criminal acts.

If you want to know what criminal acts President Nobita has done, here's the following to why  should believe he should serve a term in jail, preferably life sentence:

1.) DAP and PDAF are nothing more than scams to supply his friends with money.  It's just as stupid as the monetary system of Macoy's cronyism.  

2.) Continuing to feed the oligarchy, only under different persons.  Regardless who runs an oligarchy, it's still and always will be corrupt.  By continuing the 60/40 policies from Macoy up to the 1987 Conjobstitution, he is feeding the criminal oligarchy that continues to make the Filipinos suffer with high rates for necessities.

3.) All he does is waste time getting personal on his enemies.  It's a huge waste of taxpayers' money.  Besides, how many people are still out there anyway?  Drilon and Kill are no less dirtier than Ernile and Homicidan.  

4.) Implementing the hugely absurd anti-cybercrime law's libel provision.  In short, he's just another onion-skinned politician.  The law itself is good only if the nonsense provisions are removed.

It's time to think, where should Nobita's second term be...

In the Malacanang or...

Or in jail because he should answer for his crimes?!