Power Rangers is Certified Legitimate, Plain and Simple!

As if the Powtards who refuse to acknowledge Super Sentai isn't enough, one may already consider the grave threat of Sentards... yes Sentards.  While I can respect Super Sentai fans who choose not to watch Power Rangers like I choose not to watch Ultraman, because it just doesn't interest me.  However Power Rangers is legitimate through and through.  It's partly owned by Toei.  Yes, Saban had registered the name for his own yet he acknowledges Toei as a co-owner in the credits.

Common sense should at least ASK the question above.  For those who think that Kenji Ohba "admitted" that Power Rangers is bootleg with the term "recreated" he DOES NOT.  Please notice even thanks the people who went to the Power Morphicon during the time he endorsed that video.  If Power Rangers were fake and bootleg, and one may consider this, why hasn't Toei even dared sue Saban into oblivion?  If Saban were leeching on the money, Super Sentai could have sued him or at least, deny him the rights.  But think about this one fact you might consider about Super Sentai.

First, pre-Zyuranger era was an era of a lot of old hat special effects.  They had to budget between action scenes and special effects.  But after MMPR came, it meant MONEY for Toei.  Bandai produces toys for Toei-related franchises as well.  Power Rangers is included with its merchandise all part of Bandai and Toei.  If Power Rangers was leeching off the money from Toei and let's think of HOW LONG Power Rangers has been around (1993-2014), shouldn't have Toei gone into oblivion if that was the case?  But still, Toei has more budget for more costumes, more special effects and Power Rangers as a franchise PAYS its royalties to Super Sentai.

Also the crazy allegation that somebody in Toei betrayed them, now how is that EVEN POSSIBLE?  Did Saban send an inside job?  Remember that Toei could have easily detected it, saw it on TV but no... Power Rangers is mutually agreed to exist by the board.  Its existence and attaching Krabs' ahem Saban's name to it... is a board decision.  And why do the Sentards always insist that Power Rangers is fake?  To be honest, their arguments just don't get any better.  I used to think Power Rangers was bootleg and fake until I found it it wasn't.  I just considered it as an "inferior product" for most of its duration when I learned about Power Rangers' reason for its existence.

So in response to those who want to discredit "Friend in Need" and say that Toei did Super Sentai and Kamen Rider team ups on stage, those stage shows might be Toei's but they were not on screen.  The SS vs. KR concept had to be developed one way or another.  One may consider Kamen Rider V3 and Kikaider were referenced in JAKQ vs. Goranger BUT they didn't really appear.  Or two, stage shows are pretty mixed.   I mean, it's more of what you would call a Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and even METAL HERO gets mixed... and one can also think that stage show wasn't part of the actual canon of the show just like Power Rangers stage shows don't count towards canon.

Now for one, that meme above would at least tell us this, "Don't tell me that Shinkenger's crossover with Decade happened first!"  Yes, I would point that out.  MMPR's three parter "Friend in Need" may be horrible BUT I cannot deny it was a driving force.  The stage shows would have just stayed as such if MMPR didn't attempt it.  Maybe Toei shelved it because of failure or because, it wasn't ready until Kamen Rider Decade.  Plus, one may consider Kamen Rider stopped being a series after Black RX and two, they were always treated as two separate continuities and Decade confirms it during the time Shinkenger meets Decade. "Friend in Need" would have at least given Toei an idea of what to do with the dream crossover for the TV screen.  I doubt it if MMPR didn't even have that failed crossover, Toei may not have the slightest hint on how to fit it later.  Okay Decade's version is better BUT you cannot discredit "Friend in Need".

Another argument that Sentards have is this... Powers Rangers is a parasite because it cannot exist without Power Rangers.  Then again in a keyboard, can the space bar button exist without the other keys?  Power Rangers is more of a keyboard element and without which, Toei cannot enter into the United States.  Toei needs a middleman either with Saban, Disney or Mr. Krabs as of recent.  When in the U.S., Japanese standards and American standards differ.  So that's why Power Rangers exist.  If Power Rangers didn't exist, can Toei reach America?  Plus, Saban pays Toei sums of money.  It's okay to dislike Power Rangers but having ill feelings is another issue.

If Power Rangers were bootleg, then common sense test again please... you might think that Yuuta Mochizuki met with Austin St. John with warm reception.  Okay I would consider that most of the time, Power Rangers has lower quality for me, I seldom choose to avoid it like I avoid shows like the Senshi series like Gransazers and Justirizers but it just can't be bootleg.  A company can produce superior and inferior product as well.  For example, an ice cream company produce lower quality ice cream to higher quality ice cream.  The same goes for Power Rangers.

If Power Rangers was stealing the profits, Yuuta Mochizuki would have showed up and wanted to beat up the cast of Power Rangers.  Instead, it was a warm and friend,y meeting between the two red rangers!  Yuuta Mochizuki met with Austin St. John with a warm, friendly reception and he even joined the can-can.  Come on, common sense test would prove that at least, Yuuta Mochizuki acknowledges Power Rangers as legitimate.  Reiko Chiba dubbed Kimberly in Japan, the cast of Dekaranger dubbed the otherwise I don't like Power Rangers SPD, you might as well consider that... Power Rangers just can't be bootleg!

If Power Rangers were bootleg, just think would Toei dub a bootleg item?  No, they would immediately motion to get rid of Power Rangers but think that Power Rangers went from Saban Entertainment, Disney then as of recent at the hands of Mr. Krabs.  They would immediately move to blast off Saban from the face of the Earth.  Instead, Power Rangers as much as it doesn't really gain popularity in Japan, is at least acknowledged that it's part of Toei.

Again this just leaves me assuming that Super Sentai purists, like Power Rangers purists are conveniently ignoring the truth.  For Super Sentai purists, I'm amazed at how even as adults, they fail to see Toei is the primary reason why Power Rangers exists and why the trade name "Saban's Power Rangers" is even there.

Of course, I'll just leave this guilt trip for them hehehehehehe! 


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