A Lot of Failipinos Suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder!!!!

Pardon the Recoome picture but I'm just using the picture, because I have a former Failipino worker who looks like Recoome but is a very self-absorbed narcissist one way or another. Just a bit of an example... I was thinking that only good-looking men or women are prone to being self-absorbed but the truth is, it's the inner that counts.  You can be very attractive but trim and proper.  You can be very ugly but promiscuous and lewd.  It's a matter of choice, never the appearance.  As said, never judge people as good or evil by appearance but by their actions.  For our former worker who looks like Recoome he was a real self-absorbed person in these ways:

  • He thinks he's very handsome and irresistible to girls in spite of his face, height, body build and that behavior is displayed every time he strips down to his underwear in public to change his clothes.
  • His voice is very, VERY terrible and yet he brags he's such a famous singer.
  • Every time the truth about his flaws are told, even in the nicest way possible, he tends to resolve to answering back and getting angry.  For him, he is the "perfect specimen" which he convinces himself that he can get any woman he wants.
  • One time we had an argument because of his arrogance, he said, "You watch out, I will become a famous actor and I will topple you down!  You will see me on TV, Marian Rivera will leave Dingdong Dantes, I will have all that money... blah blah blah."  And the list can go on.
  • Due to his constant need for attention, he always speaks so loud and boisterous, even singing very loudly even if others are already irritated.  He can't even see NOBODY appreciates that stupid singing of his!
He is a microcosm of the Failipino and the narcissistic personality disorder.  For the Failipino, it's always Pinoys are always the best in contrast to the enlightened Pinoy who views such a view as erroneous and detrimental to the progress of the Pinoy.  The humble Pinoy rejects Pinoy Pride because it drags down, causes them to be sensitive to criticism, be inconsiderate to others, become racist, etc. which is all about them, them and THEM!

Other traits I have noticed prevalent among Failipinos and narcissistic personality disorder can be these:

1.) A wrong sense of entitlement. For the Failipino, their Pinoy Pride entitles them to EVERYTHING.  It's like come next Olympics, we Pinoys are going to win.  When the Pinoy team wins (never mind if their team lost against another Pinoy) they shout, "PINOY PRIDE!"  When the Pinoy loses fair and square (now the player may be an enlightened Pinoy or a FLIPFAG), they shout, "FOUL!  RACIST!  UNFAIR!  PINOYS SHOULD BE THE WINNERS!  This can explain why the Philippines is stuck with the 60/40 policy while China has increased joint venture ownership to 50% and higher.  One butthurt protection law is passed after the other like the attempt to remove the Pinoy's rights from buying foreign media from abroad, which is a free trade killer!

2.) They think they are the smartest people on Earth.  Just because a certain Pinoy achieved big abroad in any field, now I would even want to believe there are Pinoy scientists who are successful but never enough for a Nobel, BUT you cannot deny how more often times than not that the Failipino thinks just because one Pinoy succeeds, he is also as smart as the other.  They think they are going to succeed with little or no hard work at all thus leading to laziness and mediocre to really bad service!

3.) Unwilling to do menial jobs.  It's pretty stupid how they consider such work as "nakakahiya" which means shameful in English.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  Our former worker was offered to work as a worker for my rich aunt's steel manufacturing company.  Guess what he told my rich aunt?  He said he wouldn't want to work there unless he was the manager.  Come on, he's not even educated enough, no work experience and he wants to be the manager?!  WTF!  Because they can't get the job they desire out of non-qualification, they just do what they want like gambling, drinking liquor and the like!

4.) A bad image of some OFWs.  Sad to say but Overseas Failipino Workers are putting good Overseas Filipino Workers to shame with their Okay Fine Whatever/Whenever/Wherever attitude.  For them, they are granted "immunity" from foreign laws.  Bad news!  Remember the deaths of Flor Contemplacion?  The Singaporean government DID NOT care if the Philippines will get mad, they had to execute her for killing her FELLOW FILIPINO and a young boy... it was proven after three years investigation yet FLIPFAGs demand she is innocent.  Later in 2008, the three drug mules (please no more heroism for such people) namely Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva were executed anyway, in spite of pleas from VP Jejemon Bitay because they were really, REALLY GUILTY!

As said, Pinoy Pride will NEVER help the Philippines.  Now why isn't the Philippines a complete rathole in the Visayas area?  It's because the Visayas has a good amount of humble Pinoys.  Just think why Cebu, Bacolod, Bohol and Iloilo are better business districts than Imperial Manila.  Now only if the people in Luzon will just learn from the Visayas, swallow their pride and start working to improve the overall welfare of the country.


  1. Nice blog.

    I just want to point out that there are also a lot of narcissists in Bacolod. Ever heard of the term tikalon? It is used to describe a super narcissistic person from Bacolodnon. They will brag and and try to out do you. They also want to be the center of attention. And if you point out their mistakes in public and he loses face, you will become his enemy forever and he will become your nemesis. He will put you down and make fun of you and belittle your achievements. He will wait for some misfortune to befall on you so he can celebrate with a lot of jubilation. I am telling you the Bacolodnons are the worst! The worst braggarts and narcissists that I have met in Manila are from Bacolod.

    Keep it up man, great blog!

    1. Don't Judge the people based on the place where they came from.. It depends upon the person's attitude..


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