FLIPFAGS May Have No One But Themselves to Blame Why They're Always in Financial Burden

Whether GDP of the Philippines increases or decreases, the problem is not always with the government to why people are poor.  Sometimes it has to do with the culture.  The key to success is not always in hard work but also in managing one's earned income.  Now not every wise income manager will become super wealthy but... one thing is certain, they can at least avoid poverty even if they will never have their high status.  P.S. those FLIPFAGs should not even dream of a welfare state to start with.  

Being a small-time businessman myself, I have noticed some of the habits of FLIPFAG workers.  They display the following habits that might answer why they have no one but themselves to blame based on my observation:

Wasting their money after their salary and/or earnings is/are issued out.  I remembered having a former employee who after his salary was given, spent it all up on liquor, others go in some kind of gambling since they don't have the money to enter a fancy casino... you may also consider they just waste the hard-earned money rather than seek to save it for a rainy day.  Hard work can go to nothing.  Some of them do some basic small scale businesses but easily use the money for extravagant expenses whenever they have their gross income, never mind net hasn't been computed yet!

Just being plain lazy.  While I don't like the recent Nobita Administration, President Nobita is not entirely to blame for poverty.  While poverty can be caused by tyranny (ex. North Korea, Maoist China) but in their case, they are just plain lazy.  I mean, they could have done simple jobs like mixing cement, being painters, laborers, etc. or any menial task to earn some money but... what do they do?  They think it is very shameful so they simply don't go to work.

Poor attendance at work.  Overseas Pinoy or not, the problem of FLIPFAGs among Pinoys is how often more than that that they have poor attendance at work.  There are the problem of Monday blues, not showing up after pay day, having poor irregular attendance then they start complaining about their lack of money.  To be honest, it's stupid not to adhere to the basics of no work,no pay aside from ethical treatment of employees.

One may just think... true hard work doesn't defeat poverty but it can help alleviate or minimize poverty.  Sadly some people have no one but themselves to blame why they are poor.


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