The Overly Abused "It's More Fun in the Philippines" Slogan in Many Pictures

One of the biggest reasons why the Philippines hardly moves forward is because of the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tagline.  Call me a whiner all you want but this is the truth that can be observed.  Every decent, law-abiding, enlightened Pinoy has had enough of these problems.

These pictures can at drive a point against how stupid the slogan has become in the recent years and I hope I get a lot of butthurts done, enlightened Pinoys and their fellow non-Pinoy Filipinos should circulate this around:

I guess Imperial Manila can now try to brag about their floods with this.  How often more times than not have they actually NOT tried to fix the problem.  Anti-flood budget during Gloria Abobo's regime is deemed "cursed" by President Nobita   And now what do Imperial Manila's braggarts have to offer?  Make the flood a "swimming spot" NEVER MIND all the hassles NOT TO MENTION bacteria and diseases floodwater has to bring?!

Another is hitchchiking and overloading.  It's really annoying to drive through the streets with all those overloaded vehicles or seeing street children hang on your vehicle for fun.  It was pretty annoying how for one, me and my friend drove along with his Hilux Vehicle and guess what?  We were being hitchhiked by a LOT of strangers we had to shake them off.

Many times the liquor, cigarette and related laws are not implemented properly.  Just when I went to buy some ice cream from a 7/11 Store, I saw some high school kids FREELY getting liquor in spite of the sign that said, "No selling of liquor to minors."  The person obviously wasn't following guidelines.  So am I jealous (as FLIPFAGs love to throw it, the jealous tag) that I never smoked and drank as a teenager?  Nope.  I feel sorry for those teenagers who are trying to defend for the right to violate themselves.

One of the biggest problems are the government hospitals.  Ill-equipped especially in Imperial Manila and the provinces.  Lets' just think what if you get an Ebola Outbreak in the Philippines?  Certainly, the hospitals will be so ill-equipped it might as well be the only solution to wipe out FLIPFAGs from the Philippines.  It's also a problem when well-to-do hospitals fail to do the Hippocratic oath exchanging it conveniently for the Hypocritical Oath.

You may consider the vice of sniffing rugby.  A lot of people to escape their problems will sniff rugby to do so.  A lot of Failipinos hate reality so they do it.

For the Failipino, being poor means granting them supposed immunity and sense of entitlement especially to being lazy.

One of the worst things it happen when you drive in the Philippines are pedestrians who DO NOT follow rules.  Now it's simple to understand and one does not need to be a genius to understand the stop sign and go sign.  You simply stop with the stop sign, go with the go sign.  Jaywalking laws might need an increased fine from PHP 50.00 to PHP 70.00 or higher.  Problem is that the laws are only effective if traffic enforcers are around.  Failipinos are known for their "when the cat is away the mouse will play" mentality.

Another is elections.  The Philippines is cycle of Aliens vs. Predator in politics.  Come 2016 and you might even have Bongbong Marcos running for power, President Nobita might even get his second term in office when he should be getting his second term in JAIL, Doraemar Roxas transforms into anything but a good leader, you might even consider Rodrigo Durerte's "Damulag style" leadership and many more.  In fact, why do I even feel like that squatters aren't being gotten rid of BECAUSE they are essential actors and actresses in their show business, just like character actors are important characters even if they never become the main character?!

Corruption is indeed more fun in the Philippines.  You have Bureau of Internal Robbery Konsomisyoner, Kill Henares and her unjust taxation policies that discourage tax payers from paying properly while she protects scumbags who are friends of the Nobita Presidency.  I mean, if you implement unjust policies and protect scumbags, do not expect people to comply properly.  To be honest, Kill Henares and the like should be massacred in a bloody manner.  I mean, think of how many people are killed by their Killer taxes.  You might as well consider this- Macoy's corrupt family tree is STILL IN POWER, Gloria Abobo's trial is just a reality TV show, Sherap is mayor again, Jejemon Bitay may soon get away, the number of years Enrile and friends were in power, etc.  So where's the real straight road to progress?!

Of course, President Nobita has his own piece of mind. As President, he has more fun in the Philippines.  Pass ridiculous laws, implement them, sleep on the job, do mediocre service... and yup second term for him?  Yes, he should get a second term in JAIL!!!!!

Plus, there are a lot more reasons why FLIPFAGs think it's more fun in the Philippines... and it's really in their own distorted view of "always being happy" even when they need to be serious.

Updated on: October 21, 2014


  1. It's More Fun in the Philippines...........................if all the things shown here are gone for good...


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