Why Jollibee's Success Abroad is a Source of FLIPFAG Shame, Not FLIPFAG Pride!

The Jollibee Mascot with Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr., picture taken from here.

There's no doubt that Jollibee is indeed a Filipino company that has hit well abroad... Hong Kong and China for instance.  For one, I love Jollibee burgers and I'm not surprised to why Filipino-Chinese businessman Tony Tancaktiong as a food tycoon, gets there.  So it's now top ten best (and as if the wandering Asians are springing out success in the West) food chains.  On the other hand, I definitely refuse to ride on the success of any of my countrymen or fellow Chinese by race.  Why?  The success belongs to the victors and to the victors ALONE.  

FLIPFAGs are Pinoys who willingly reject enlightenment, think they are the greatest race in the world and are really racists. Such people tend to think that the Philippines (never mind its name is from a foreign king) is only for Pinoys, it's only meant for Pinoys.  They are quick to be racist and accuse others of being racist when they are hit which is plainly double standard.  FLIPFAGs have the tendency to hate Filipino-Chinese, Filipino-Spanish and every Filipino who is not Pinoy by blood, while attacking enlightened Pinoys in the process.

 FLIPFAGs have their attitude of being balimbing.  They hate any "impurity" to their "holy Pinoy blood", they hate every enlightened Pinoy who rejects FLIPFAG mentality to the point they scorn him/her causing enlightened Pinoys to meet success MOSTLY in developed countries because the Pinoys wont' support him/her in any field.  Then when the Pinoy (or anybody at least half-Pinoy) succeeds abroad (and in some cases, when the Filipino name is carried over by a non-Pinoy Filipino), they shout, "PENOYS ARE DA GREATEST RACE IN DA WORLD!" never mind how majority of the Philippine (especially Imperial Manila) is not conducive for business activities.  Heck, they even hate Visayans because the Visayas is a business region of the Philippines... wait didn't they also hate foreign investors too so why get jealous when foreigners do business in the Visayas?!

So really have they forgotten how often more than not they hate Filipinos of non-Filipino descent?  They might just as well reflect on this fact that they are nothing more than a group of self-contradictory MORONS who aren't helping the Philippines.  Either they get rid of FLIFPAG mentality and accept Pinoy humility over Pinoy pride, or they will always be a liability to their motherland.