Modifying Wolverine Into a More Marketable Character!

Wolverine happens to be one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics.  One may think of some facts you didn't know much about Wolverine himself.  It's namely this.... Wolverine's original height in the comics was on'y 5'3.  Knowing how American culture evolved overtime, it wouldn't be feasible to have a short but terrible badass.

So what did they do?  It was simple as this... cast a 6'2 feet man named Hugh Jackman as the new image of Wolverine.  In my case, I was even shocked to learn that the character was only 5'3 and he was my favorite X-Man back then.  Until now, he remains to be one of my favorites.  Sometimes deviation is NEEDED to make something more marketable.  Wolverine was one character that really needed that total makeover from a 5'3 tall character into a more attractive 6'2 character.

American culture sort of has its bias towards short and skinny.  Wolverine IS muscular but a 5'3 tall superhero wouldn't work in the current American setting.  Maybe it worked WAY BACK then but not now.  Let's take a comparison between Alata vs. Troy.  Power Rangers is known for having buff male characters especially for the red ranger vs. Super Sentai doesn't mind too much about it.  The cultural difference is a drawing line and it may help explain Wolverine's remodeling into a buff 6 footer than a 5'3 tall badass.

The reception of a 6'2 tall Wolverine somehow became the most accepted incarnation of the character, over his original 5'3 only tall character.  In today's society, being short can hardly be considered appealing to a man.  In my case, I thought of that not only did Wolverine's height become a factor to his acceptance, you CANNOT deny the charisma of Hugh Jackman managed to create a Wolverine to market into the video games too.  Activision took advantage of Wolverine's looks from the movie and created a more marketable Wolverine in the long run.

As said, you need to change a current model to fit into the marketing environment.


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