Redefining Hotness in Power Rangers with Ciara Hanna?

It's no secret that I watch Power Rangers Megaforce for Ciara Hanna and I was thinking, man is she really gorgeous. In my case, I do have a fetish for blonde/brunette girls which wasn't that evident with Power Rangers. For MMPR, I didn't find Catherine Sutherland attractive and found Amy Jo Johnson more attractive (so sad to see her leave). And yes, Ciara Hanna plays the role of Gia Moran!

Now the truth is, I normally am not interested with Power Rangers girls since I don't find most of them attractive. For Tori in Ninja Storm, yes she is cute but Nanami in Hurricanger is hotter for me, no questions asked. Kira in Dino Thunder is also pretty (Mr. Smith likes her better) but I kinda like Ranru better. In my case, most of the Super Sentai girls are hotter for me than their Power Rangers counterparts and I did have a change of opinion for some time or not.

For the 90s batch, now I do like Zyuranger better than MMPR for its better storytelling and of course, an explanation why Bandora targets her stupid plans on kids... which Rita was more or less generic like most Sentai/PR villains. But for Kimberly? Well I would admit that while I do like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers (much more) but I do have my other different degrees of personal biases. I haven't seen much Sentai back then but I saw some pictures of girls. I would admit while I do find Mei cute and pretty but I still hold to my OPINION that Kimberly is hotter than Mei. And for a time, well everyone knows my tagline that Kimberly is hotter than all the Super Sentai and Power Rangers girls. Of course, I held to that one even when Mako came though in denial, I think Mako is a hotter version of Kimberly. And I kind of had a hangover with Shinkenger, again Amy Jo Johnson was already giving way for new hotness.

So Power Rangers Samurai came and I would admit, while Emily is cute but I didn't find her all that cute... even if I think she looks better than Kotoha. Again neither Emily nor Kotoha are my type. Things went different when Power rangers Megaforce came and I would admit it became a guilty trip. The actress Ciara Hanna for me is really attractive and I like her smile. Now she's pretty much a Mary Sue but I'm blinded by her pretty face, blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, sexy appeal... and I would admit that while most PR blondes didn't get to me... but Gia Moran did. And she really, really is that attractive for me. The script has it right that she's the hottest girl in school. In one point, I want to really say she's really the hottest Toku girl as of the moment... maybe because I'm a sucker for hot white girls. Sad to say, the character doesn't have much focus episodes and Emma... well I finally see it, gets way too much attention!

Overall, I really think Power Rangers Megaforce is a problematic show like MMPR, but it's more of my guilty pleasure!


  1. I think I get what you feel, in my case it's with Ayuri. I didn't mind at first the fact that a lot of people were bashing it for being too focused on Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red just because I wanna see her (I don't find Kyoryuger all that crappy, though); but I guessed I joined the bandwagon ever since the Daigo-Amy (Ayuri's character) love team was forced down our throats near the finale. It didn't even help when a pic of her and Ryo Ryusei holding hands circulated around the net... T.T



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