Whether It's Antonio Traitores IV or Jejemon Bitay For President, The Philippines Loses!

Move over Universal Studios!  Right now, there's a new Aliens vs. Predator series aired LIVE on television from the Philippines.  The two contestants are Antonio Traitores a charged MUTINEER who is now going against Bitay.  In the whole process, it's an unethical intrusion of privacy and that Traitores guy DOES NOT KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP.  Besides, President Nobita SHOULD HAVE NOT EVEN GRANTED AMNESTY TO TRAITORES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

The Philippines a LONG history of putting criminals into power.  Just think of the kudeta that happened during the term of Cory.  Who were leading it?  Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan!  And did they go to jail or get executed? NEITHER!  They were pardoned and are SITTING In powre.  Likewise, we have the problem of Traitores who is now fighting Bitay.  The problem is here you can't have a decent choice... it's very much Aliens vs. Predator!

One bitter truth that Filipinos must accept is this... voting for either which is like voting between a Xenomorph or a Predator.  Vote for the Xenomorphs, they will nest on you.  Vote for a Predator, they are still going to hunt you down anyway.  Neither side is ever safe for the Universe.  Likewise between Traitores and Bitay you really have no good choice.  In fact, I'd like to talk some issues about both sides.  Neither side is really worthy of sitting as President and should be LOCKED BEHIND BARS FOR LIFE.  That way, that kind of punishment will be much worse than killing them by either firing squad or lethal injection because life imprisonment is an incredible agony to bear!

'Senator' Antonio Trillanes IV in his element using military resources to commit treason against the Philippine government
First, let's talk about Senator Traitores IV a CONVICTED MUTINEER.  

As a Senator, he does show what kind of a president he will be.  Remember many mutineers who came into power were just as bad if not worse than their predecessors.  In Chinese history, Mao Zedong took over China by mutiny and he became a very bad leader after he took control.  Likewise, why even put a CONVICTED CRIMINAL like Traitores into power in the first place?!  Also, you can see that he's better off being the model of Smart Talk and Text or better yet, Dumb Talk and Talk because of how he's handling the Bitay case scenario.  It's sad but true but a lot of Filipinos love to vote for the wrong candidates hence they are the Failipinos among Filipinos.  Worse, the fact he demanded entry into Antonio "Pinocchio" Tiu's property without warrant will suggest that he's going to be a Communist-style leader.

Vice President Jejomar Binay: How nice will he be to his allies when he becomes President in 2016?
Second and last, on the side of Jejemon Bitay

Another issue worth tackling is Jejemon Bitay of the Bitay clan.  Whether or not he's a mutineer cannot be easily proven, especially by his rival Traitores.  However from Bitay's own way, one should expect nepotism which gives birth to political dynasties in his case the Bitay Dynasty, vindictiveness, cronyism, favoritism and even bigger corruption charges than the Nobita Administration.  Looking at how he defends his allies... just think of what can happen next.  You might as well expect that members of his political party PDP-Laban to get off the hook.  That means expect his allies like Unggoy Estrada to get out of jail by 2016.

Seriously, regardless who wins, the Philippines is already fated to lose!  


  1. So do yourself a favor and don't vote anymore; it also saves you the trouble of getting into loooooooooong queues... :3


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