Yet Another FLIPFAG Comment Worth Facepalming To!

I just read of an incident that happened in Singapore.  Now I would agree Singapore is a very strict and organized country but it is NEVER spared from crime.  I just read an incident where a tourist got conned.  Now I would admit conning happens EVERYWHERE.

I mean, why does the country still have jails and caning?  It's because crime is always something you expect.  Swindlers exists everywhere but let's think of what FLIPFAGs are purposely ignoring.

Here's one retarded comment laced with some meaningful insight for the comments on a viral incidet that happened in Singapore. (Read here)

It's pure harassment, swindling, robbery, holdup, to a foreign tourist who came from a 3rd world country. Do you think they will do that to a foreigner who came from a developed country. Is this a normal practice in Singapore that they don't explain 1st to the customer the way the warranty should be charged. I said harassment because they threatened the customer that they will not give $600 refund if he call the police. In UNITED KINGDOM, warranty is optional but they charged it 10% of the selling price good for 1 year. 
I thought Singapore POLICE is very tough when it comes to customer complain much more Mr Banh is a foreign tourist? Mr Banh the next time you spend your vacation come to the Philippines..... It's more FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.... Filipinos are hospitable, you will not be fooled in our country if you buy electronics gadgets....cheers....

Now it's true that it's harassment, swindling, robbery, hold-up and that happens ANYWHERE.  But what that point misser is not seeing is this... DOES HE EVEN THINK THAT THE PHILIPPINES IS FREE FROM SUCH INCIDENTS?!  And I would like to try to knock him back to reality myself.

Now here's what... he dares bring up the Singaporean police but what about the Philippine National Patola?!  What about that Rolando Mendoza Incident?  If you ask me, the guy might be purposely ignoring the problems of the Philippines are MUCH GREATER than to that of Singapore.

More fun in the Philippines?  That tagline is USED AND ABUSED MANY TIMES!  Man, whoever he is, he certainly is already deluded never mind that the statement has brought the country down to deeper doo doo.

Filipinos are hospitable?  Some are certainly, no questions asked.  It's not like as if Filipinos are all hospitable?  Then what about those LEFTISTS?!  They're not hospitable.  They're always America to get out of the Philippines, they're always demanding foreigners out of the Philippines.  I wonder if this guy considers those annoying Failipino leftists hospitable?!

And now he has the nerve to say, "You'll never be fooled in our country."  Really?!  Tell that to ALL THE VICTIMS OF CORRUPT POLITICIANS.  Tell that to Filipinos who were victimized by con artists in the Philippines REGARDLESS OF ORIGIN.  Besides, Singapore is not afraid to reveal everything that happens... unlike Failipino Media that is A Biased Stupid Corporation Broadcasting Nonsense!!!!  How many times has the Philippines been laced by YELLOW JOURNALISM?!

And here's all I can say to that FLIFPAG:
"Listen stop with your MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES because the Philippines is not a perfect country nor is it always more fun in the Philippines. An incident like this can happen ANYWHERE whether it's the Philippines or Singapore. Rude people exist everywhere! There are bad Singaporeans, bad Filipinos, every race has a bad person. Besides, not all Filipinos are hospitable."