Another Short-Term Date After My Ex-Girlfriend...

Well news of my first ex-girlfriend who I'm still friends with having tied the knots isn't hurting me.  On the other hand, much of my life has revealed that I've been acting wantonly.  In fact, I have had another short-term relationship but it wasn't a relationship out of convenience.  I dated a girl who looks like Karen Mok for a year or two.  It was actually a distant relationship considering we were campuses apart.  So it didn't really work out too well because we both decided to focus on a low level relationship.  But one thing was certain, I was cheating on her which was another reason why we broke up.  It's one bad relationship after the other - one dating for revenge and then a short-term relationship that was me two-timing, three-timing, etc.

So I really thought how many nights were spent on Yahoo and me going to meet her for short times.  She trusted me and I broke that trust.  I couldn't get over what I did especially when I had treated her as a "psychological need" rather than a human being.  One way or another, I had to be honest with her and broke up with her.  I had to tell her that I couldn't pursue it because... I was only using her.  I had to take that step, be a man and stop fooling around.  We did both move on and... well I usually return to my foolish ways.

The relationship again had the same nagging question.  In fact, my first ex-girlfriend had to restate the SAME old facts that was, "Well I couldn't forget it that you chased after me and my best friend at the same time when we were teenagers!  Besides, you should question your claims you were ever trim and proper.  I mean, you dated me because you wanted revenge on your so-called first love, you ran into her THEN you get repulsed.  It's laughably stupid with all your flattery and preposterous claims!  Grow up!"