My Strange Dream of Marrying My College Stalker

I remembered the time I had a College stalker for a year or two, I would admit she is hot but I was in love with some other person.  I could detect her as a patient stalker.  What I really thought was weird was when she claimed I was already her girlfriend.  What the?  The events leading between me and her led to a rather strange dream of me actually marrying her in a marriage of convenience. It was pretty much unusually stupid how the dream happened... it was just a dream right?

I find myself making a vow to someone, I am guilt ridden and everything.  Unlike my previous stalker, she didn't kiss me nor attempted to do so.  In that dream, she started to use her appeal like never before, even go to private moments.  She soon kissed me saying I have promised to marry her.  It resulted to a series of objections from everyone.  It was sort of like Wolverine's friends objecting to him marrying Viper.  Worse, I had to be honest with my feelings on the incident because I always considered her an enemy.

Not long enough in my dream, one of my love interests had to tell me of everything that me and that woman had.  She said, "Wow you are certainly marrying your enemy.  It's like Batman marrying Poison Ivy or Wolverine marrying Viper."  I told her that I couldn't help it.

Then it involved my real first crush returning, hearing of the matter.  She tried to snap me out and think of the disastrous decision.  But I soon admit I was hooked and... hooked.  It was a real incident of stupidity.

Then my ex-girlfriend came in to attend the wedding, thinking that I found true love and congratulated me.  She brought her hubby along to toast.  What she didn't know was that I was in more or less a blackmailed marriage.  So the wedding came in the name of some kind of "honor keeping" and I was unaware of the deception.  Not long after, I agreed to say "I do."  My ex-girlfriend decided to honor with a toast with my two former rivals.

So we had a fancy reception and well, my batchmates and her batchmates were there.  While I did not love her, she somewhat had feelings for me.  The wedding night came when she finally admitted that she saw my inner goodness, hoping I can transform her through our marriage.  I would admit it was less risky than that of Viper's and Wolverine's.  It felt more like an awkward situation when I dreamed of our wedding night.

What I considered weird in the dream was that I had no other choice but to consummate it, then I realized she just needed a stable partner which I admitted I wasn't.  No sooner did I want to file against the marriage after I realized I was defrauded into marrying her.