Power Rangers Fantards are Ungrateful Bastards!

I have written more than enough reason why I don't hate Power Rangers.  Now I'd like to address them Power Rangers fantards (or Powtards).  So what's a Powtard?  A Powtard is a Power Rangers fan who hates Super Sentai and says it sucks like the picture above.  Now as of late, I don't like Power Rangers thanks to its bad direction, then again I'm starting to dislike newer Sentai too.  On the other hand, I could rant on why Power Rangers fantards are ungrateful bastards.

I still could remember this comment years ago and how stupid it is:

you dont know shit about power ranger was the bomb, it pissed sentai 2000 times.If sentai were so great then it would be just as or more popular, you ask any kid senati thell give you a "what you talkkin about willis" look.The U.S. invented the idea about electronics and maufactured the first home comp.Japen made it better but you dont hear me pissing on there parade bitching like you!We just did the same thing and did it better so climb out of your ass and accept Power Rangers rules.

So why are they ungrateful bastards?  As much as Power Rangers is not a parasite but it's the very child of Super Sentai.  Notice all the bad spelling.  Sad to say, but Powtards are just as ridiculous as Sentards.  I could also start with the awful story called "Gokaiger vs. Samurai" where these Powtards showed their ugly heads.  While I don't support the story but the Powtards also reared their ugly heads in calling Power Rangers "the real deal".  What they don't realize is that Super Sentai and Power Rangers BOTH belong to Toei.  Without Super Sentai, Power Rangers cannot exist and without Toei, both franchises cannot exist.

For a Powtard to insult Super Sentai is equivalent to a child insulting his/her parent.  I mean, nobody can be born without a parent right?  Also, it's equivalent to biting the very hand that feeds you.  Like it or not, Power Rangers has Japanese influence and it was Westernized for America's audiences.  Plus, there are many pre-conceived biases that these guys won't watch Super Sentai just because it's a different culture.

Moving on, as much as I personally didn't like Dino Thunder but the episode "Lost and Found in Translation" was neither demeaning Super Sentai or showing that it sucks.  In fact, Connor even said the show rocks.  I don't like Connor as a character but I am grateful that the episode showed the importance of cultural understanding.  If they can't really like Sentai that much, the least they can do is to RESPECT it.  It's just too ungrateful to hate Super Sentai just because it's not American.  Sad to say, these Powtards have a lot of Muricans (bad Americans) in them.

All I can say is, why demean people who like BOTH Super Sentai and Power Rangers?  Besides, both shows influence each other and are part of Toei.  All I can say is Powtards like Sentards just refuse to accept the truth about the shows they have blind loyalty to.  Oh well... it's time to get some popcorn.