So What If I Disagree With Sentards and Powtards?! I Have My Right To THESE OPINIONS OF MINE!

It's amazing how Sentards acknowledge the existence of Powtards but they say there are no Sentards when they in fact, are Sentards.  Powtards are just as horrible as they are.  Besides, so what if these are my OPINIONS?  My opinions are mine and mine alone... they are NOT fact and neither are their opinions fact.

Here's my OPINIONS that may really piss them off and these are Sentai/Power Rangers sided:

Neither ToQGer and Kyoryuger ever pleased me... in fact both shows are in my dislike list as much as I dislike Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Mega-Fail.  So?  Don't tell me just because I am a Super Sentai fan I should also like its bad seasons too?  WTH is in their minds?  ToQGer may be the least of my dislikes in the least but still.  Also, I really can't stand Kyoryuger and Dino Charge (maybe I'm just biased again).  Again, these are MY opinions!  This in turn, while I do like Ninninger but ToQGer and Kyoryuger really were dork age episodes!  In other words, I hold the opinion a Super Sentai season can just be as terrible as a Power Rangers season!

Gobusters itself is a tribute to Power Rangers RPM in its own subtle way.  While the show didn't have a doomsday plot like Tokyo being the last safe haven, you cannot deny Gobusters returns to its more serious roots and having a sentient virus foe was taken from Power Rangers RPM.  The show could have had better potential but Takebe's producing style here just really sucked for me.

The Shinkenger/Decade crossover is well for me, miles above the Gaim/ToQGer crosser AND that the crossover would not been possible if it wasn't for MMPR/Masked Rider crossover (which IMO was done really terribly) back then.  Also, use the stage show argument all you want but the MMPR/Masked Rider crossover took the idea from the stage to the television set.  Also the stage shows mixed more than two shows.  Also, I'd like to think that the ending of the Shinkenger/Decade crossover was a nod to MMPR/Masked Rider crossover when they would travel into the World of Black RX next.

Mako is a more mature version of Kimberly for me.  I do have my opinion due to the fact that while Mako is pre-school teacher, she does have Kimberly's watch out if you push her berserk button attitude.  Like Kimberly, she's actually been overly blunt over a blue ranger, she won't hesitate to be blunt on your face and she can go berserk even if she's physically the weakest.

I would watch Go-onger over Power Rangers RPM.  I respect people who do the opposite but come on, so what if I like Go-onger and I don't think it's a terrible series?  In fact, I'd watch Go-onger over RPM and Gobusters any day!

I think Power Rangers Dino Thunder is just overrated.  I can agree with Connor being annoying, for me Dino Thunder is just overrated.  Also, I could think that the show is very painful to watch thanks to Cassidy and Devin.  In my own personal preference, I choose Abaranger though it's more of my personal biases at work.

I think Dekaranger is MILES above Power Rangers SPD and I personally find the latter to be a horrible season.  Okay I do acknowledge the fact that the Dekaranger cast dubbed the Power Rangers SPD cast but I personally had a lot of quirks with SPD.  My complaints with SPD are Sky's too arrogant, Syd's a brat, Jack isn't as good as Ban... although they got better.  I think SPD while it had an overarching plot, I can't find it all that good but it does have good acting (Alycia Purrott's not a bad actress, it's her character Syd that I utterly dislike).

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is not as good as Hurricanger BUT it is still a decent season with good acting!

Wild Force may be unpopular due to inadequate acting but... it's still watchable for me.  Also the show's exclusive main villain Master Org was a huge deviation from Power Rangers villains, making him a worth opponent for the Gaorangers.

Cole may be the subject of Internet jokes and yes, Rick Medina was really a douchebag but lately, it seems he has changed.  I thought he's the best red ranger in Power Rangers and I like him better than Kakeru for his interesting backstory with Master Org.

Power Rangers Time Force did some stuff better than Timeranger and introduced some interesting stuff.  Now it's common knowledge that I like Timeranger better but I'll give credit where it's due.  Like I would name the fact that Time Force's Jen was better than Yuuri in the sense that she doesn't punch her comrade's nose or slap at the face no matter how mean she gets, Ransik himself was an interesting non-typical PR villain, the mutant/human war was an interesting concept, it was a good thing Alex wasn't Ryuya and that Mr. Collins' going into the city to find his son should have happened in Timeranger.  Again, what's wrong with giving credit to where it is due?

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Is an interesting season though I still like Gingaman better.  Okay it's an enjoyable season but I do like Gingaman better but I'd want to watch them back to back if possible.  Besides Lost Galaxy is Judd Lynn's attempt at serious work.  Like Gingaman, this show has a high body count.  Also, it took a lot of guts to introduce Trakeena, a Power Rangers villain truly worthy of Super Sentai standards!  Trakeena like Queen Ahames of Changeman is a really, really wicked bitch who manipulates everyone for her convenience.  While the rumor of Lost Galaxy is better in Japan is B-O-G-U-S, still, the series has some respect!

I think Power Rangers in Space is a messy season and that, Megaranger is miles above it.  Okay, Power Rangers in Space is a popular season but IMO, it just doesn't meet the cut for me.  The whole series for me was an entire mess trying to clean everything up.

Power Rangers Zeo is a terrible season for me.  So I'm now watching Ohranger and I'm saying Ohranger is miles above this show.  I mean seeing the same cast all over again is getting BORING like Spongebob's post-movie episodes.  Zeo may be popular but sorry, I don't like it especially for the infamous Dear John letter and the badly written Tommy/Kat romance is really looking for romantic love in the wrong places.

Kou is NOT Justin disgracing Tommy.  Yeah I know it was a shocker for some to see that Kou was a child, but not for me.  I think I was pretty fine with Justin so I wasn't so shocked with Kou either.  Pretty much, I think Justin was okay but not so well-done and Kou is not Justin disgracing Tommy.

For Kimberly, I do have a lot of opinions about her that will piss off purists.  While watching Zyuranger, I think Amy Jo Johnson's acting beats Reiko Chiba's.  I think Kimberly is that hot compared to Mei (that is MY subjective opinion), I mean I considered her for a LONG time to be hotter than any Sentai or PR girl for some time and SO WHAT if I do, you have the right to pick someone right?  I mean I disagree with Mr. Smith's pick on Jasmine and he disagrees with my pick on Kimberly BUT SO WHAT?!  Besides, purists should really think if they are denying that they ever had a crush on her as children. =P

That's my list of opinions to make both sides clash!  Bwahahahahaha!


  1. i dont compare power rangers to super sentai, but i hate power rangers for kicking out sentai from our channels.


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