Just Because I Dislike Power Rangers As Of Current... Doesn't Mean I Support Sentards!

So it's no secret I've currently withdrawn from Power Rangers, I mean I did puke during Megaforce and Samurai, but it doesn't mean I should enjoy ToQGer and Kyoryuger just because Sentards think that they are better.  So what if I don't like ToQGer and Kyoryuger?  I mean, I personally feel Yasuko Kobayashi had really burnt out in ToQGer and I shouldn't join the bandwagon if I personally don't like it right?

Let's just face it, as of current I don't like Power Rangers but it doesn't mean I hate it.  So why do I personally dislike Power Rangers as of current?  I thought splitting the shows isn't a good idea.  I also don't like Samurai and Megaforce, they were major bad comebacks for Saban.  In the side of Disney, most of the Kalish era ruined Power Rangers that much.  Then again, it doesn't mean I hate Power Rangers.  I personally as of this time, don't like the current condition of Power Rangers but it doesn't mean I hate it.

Again, Sentards are always having their, "Well there's no such thing as Sentards.  Only Sentai purists and bootleg fantards!"  For them the only war is between Sentai purists and the Power Rangers fans (who they call as bootleg fantards).  I really refuse to understand their logic.  If I cannot comprehend the logic of Nobitards and Macoytards, I refuse to comprehend their logic either.  It seems to be for them that, "You are a Power Rangers fan then you are a traitor to Super Sentai!" logic which is just absurd.

No warm reception here huh?  Seriously Sentard what then is your definition of "warm reception"?"  Now just because I don't like Power Rangers as of current doesn't mean I should show any hate towards it.  I mean, if Power Rangers were bootleg, why didn't the Zyuranger cast attack the MMPR cast or, as said why hasn't Toei sued Saban into oblivion?  Legalized theft?  That's a term for government who misuse and abuse their powers to steal from the public funds!

Filipino Sentards also blame Power Rangers as the reason why Super Sentai isn't returning to the Philippines.  For them, it's blame Power Rangers here and there for Super Sentai not airing.  They fail to see that the TV stations, not Power Rangers is to blame.  Haim Saban DID NOT bribe ABiaS-CBN not to air Zyuranger and air MMPR instead.  Just because I don't like Power Rangers as of current doesn't mean I should hate it.  Or two, maybe I still like Power Rangers considering I do watch a few selected seasons too.

I do admit the more I watch Super Sentai, the harder it is for me to rewatch Power Rangers.  But come on, doesn't mean I've stopped watching Power Rangers for personal reasons, doesn't mean that I should hate it.  I mean, really, what's wrong if I like Timeranger and Time Force or what's wrong if I like Gingaman and Lost Galaxy?  What's wrong if I like Kimberly better than Mei?  Wow, I am always amazed at how childish Sentards are.  I am entitled to my opinions and that is that.


  1. i hate whoever licenses TOEI here in the philippines. cant we show both super sentai and power rangers? Let the people choose, or air both.


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