Sentards And Powtards Are BOTH At The Losing Side!

Whether Sentards or Powtards like it or not, they are at the losing side.  As of late, I DISLIKE (not hate) Power Rangers, but I can still say that Powtards and Sentards are still at the losing side.  For one, I started to look at Chris Cantada's video:

Whether you like it or not, as of late, Power Rangers still has civilian stunts and today, the later Super Sentai series are too CGI focused.  I mean, Ninninger gets too focused on CGI compared to Shinkenger.  If you look at the video, neither Red Mask nor Five Blue badmouthed Power Rangers.  Now I don't like Power Rangers as of late, but I still don't hate it.  Come on, even the interview of Ei Hamura had him praising the Dairanger footage in Super Megaforce. =P

Also, the Sentards are quick to assume just because I don't like ToQGer and Kyoryuger that... I am already liking Mega-Fail and Dino Charge.  Wow, it's as bad as Noytard/Macoytard logic huh?  Why can't I just dislike Samurai, Megafail, Kyoryuger and ToQGer?!  I mean, I don't like them all deal with it. Just because I'm a Sentai fan, I must accept every season as perfect and flawless?!  No way... in fact, I am planning to quit on newer Sentai and move on with other stuff while watching old school Super Sentai and Power Rangers!

Sentards are already on the losing side BECAUSE if Saban were really bootlegging Super Sentai, Toei would have sued the former into oblivion.  But tell me then huh Sentard why hasn't Saban been sued by Toei into oblivion?  Saban is not guilty of legalized theft and the operations are legitimate.  No use saying it's bootleg... after all Kenji Ohba even thanks the people for showing up at the Power Morphicon.

At the same time, Powtards are ungrateful bastards.  Yes, that guy who made the comment has to realize, no Super Sentai, no Power Rangers and Power Rangers is born out of Toei and Saban.  That means, no Japanese influence, no Power Rangers.

As said, their fan wars can go on for all I care.  Either they grow up and accept the truth or remain the sore losers they really are.