So What If I Think Kimberly Hart is Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Girl... SO WHAT HUH SENTARD?!

I previously wrote a series of opinions against Sentards/Powtards, I could let this silly post out.  Hehehehehehe.  For one, I do have to release my steam yet again.  Now I'll just have to vent out my "frustration" on them disrespecting MY OPINION that Kimberly is hotter than any Super Sentai or Power Rangers girl.  That's just my pick, and it is MY FREAKING OPINION!

So I'll admit that much of Kimberly's physique appealed to me.  I mean she's got that brown hair (I usually prefer blondes but she's hotter than the Power Rangers blondes for me), she's got that innocent looking beauty, nice fair skin with a charming smile, she's really sexy and well even if shes's quite short, she is really really hot and I would admit, she is really, really attractive.  I would admit her beauty was a hangover.  I still can't forget how I got upset over her leaving (but it was better for her career) because Amy Jo Johnson the actress was leaving, never mind Mr. Krabs' staff would later F*CK YOU her in Zeo.  I mean, if a career goes nowhere, why stick there right?

Moving on, I can respect anyone who likes Mei over Kimberly appearance-wise or for any reason they have.  This is not a battle of good over evil, Power Rangers is not on the side of bootleg... it's still part of Toei.  Now if anybody thinks Mei is prettier over Kimberly (and I don't), SO WHAT?!  That is opinion, not fact and yes both girls are attractive in their own way, it's just that I prefer hotties over cuties most of the time.  Making a meme of Mei degrading Kimberly and promoting herself was just uncalled for.  Also, I did think Amy Jo Johnson's acting was better than Reiko Chiba's during their shows... SO WHAT?!  I'm just sharing my opinion.  It's not fact!

As far as concerned, Mr. Smith has been very professional with his opinions when me disagreed with me on this opinion and picked Jasmine instead.  So what?  I respect his opinion on Jasmine being a better title holder over Kimberly.  At least, he respects my opinion on this matter and well, he is a fan of both Super Sentai AND Power Rangers, nothing wrong with it!  For one, Mr. Smith's fandom is very professional one.  I mean, Power Rangers was created for a different culture.

Also just because I think Kimberly is hotter than any Super Sentai/Power Rangers girl does not mean I like the other shows less or not at all.  Now come on, what's wrong if I like Zyuranger better than MMPR but I think Kimberly is hotter than Mei?  So what?  I do enjoy Super Sentai seasons better than Power Rangers seasons, I won't deny there were also other pretty girls like Lin in Dairanger, Tsurihime in Kakuranger, Momo in Ohranger, Chisato in Megaranger, Yuuri in Timeranger, Sae in Gaoranger, Nanami in Hurricanger, Ranru in Abaranger, Jasmine in Dekaranger, Sakura in Boukenger, Saki in Go-onger and Mako (a really huge contender for the title) are attractive but IMO, most of them weren't as attractive as Kimberly.  But does that mean I don't enjoy their shows and like MMPR better because of Kimberly?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Sentards may say there are no such thing as Sentards but their actions make them Sentards.

Just a case to case scenario.  So let's think, so what if I had a chance to date a girl like Kimberly and a girl like Chisato.  So what if the girl like Kimberly is hotter and sexier?  A girl like Chisato would be my type of girl to date.  While Kimberly is actually hot and nice, but Chisato herself and me would have the same interests.  I mean, just because I find one girl prettier than the other, doesn't mean that she's already my choice.  So really, why can't they tell the difference between beauty appreciation and what goes beyond that?

Besides, I simply want to always target possible denials.  Yup, what if those Sentards are just denying that they ever had a crush on Kimberly Hart as children right?  Hehehehehe!