Convincing Those Sentards Is USELESS, Case Closed!

Again, to any Sentard, just because I currently don't like Power Rangers doesn't mean I should like the bad seasons that Super Sentai had produced.  Come on, common sense really and I really don't have to waste my time arguing with such idiots.  If they can't see a warm reception between Power Rangers cast and Super Sentai cast at the Morphicon and the Anime Convention this year, it's because their PURIST views are so close-minded and narrow.

If Power Rangers were bootleg, again, why hasn't Toei sue Saban into oblivion YEARS AGO?  They could have done it WAY BACK but they didn't.  Even that Kenji Ohba interview where he used "recreate" is NOT proof that Power Rangers is bootleg.  Just because I don't like Power Rangers does not mean I should hate it.  They are no better than that Murican who hates Super Sentai and adores Power Rangers so much... oh well, I'll just see them destroy each other.

Again how can Saban be guilty of "legalized theft" in the act of producing Power Rangers?!  Legalized theft refers to attempt to legalize a theft like how government misuses taxation.  Want to attack legalized theft?  They should focus on Kill Henares and the Bureau of Internal Robbery!

Again if this is not a warm reception, I wonder what is huh Sentard?  Besides, if Power Rangers were bootleg, why then did they have a warm reception?  Now I may not be that excited with Power Rangers as I am with Super Sentai (but lately, I feel like dropping Super Sentai's latest trend too) but the Zyuranger cast even had an interview with Karan Ashley.  Wowee, such a group of close-minded people and they say there's no such thing as a Sentard?!

Again, don't blame Power Rangers, BLAME the TV Stations like ABiaS-CBN.  Just because Power Rangers is airing is no excuse not to air Super Sentai (but seriously, I hate those Sentai dubs).  I was thinking about how stupid the Sentards keep ranting like, "Power Rangers is at fault why Super Sentai isn't airing back in the Philippines."  They probably think, "Saban bribed ABiaS-CBN not to show Super Sentai and show Power Rangers instead."  Wowee... I guess Saban and Toei are laughing behind their backs.

No original footage at all?  Don't make me laugh!  Come on, don't tell me Trakeena existed in Gingaman and remember, Lost Galaxy had VERY DIFFERENT footsoldiers as well!  Also, Toei allowed the footage to be used and Saban PAYS FOR THEM and they mix their own with the footage they have rights to use!  Can they name ANY instance that Power Rangers had no original battle footage at all?  Don't tell me then that Gasha Dokuro destroyed Dairenou and Won Tiger?  Don't tell me Ransik was in Timeranger?  Don't tell me Master Org was in Gaoranger?  Oh wow, they are getting crazier and crazier.

Again so what if I don't like ToQGer and Kyoryuger?  It doesn't mean I like Megaforce and Samurai, all four shows don't click with me and that's that!  So what if I overall think Kamen Rider Decade is as stupid as Saban's Mashed Rider?  So what if I think Kyoryuger and Dino Charge aren't my type of shows?  One way or another, they lack objectivity... they seem to think every Super Sentai show is good and every Power Rangers show is bad.  Then again, why heckle on Power Rangers if they don't watch it?

The always appeal to their precious stage shows whenever there's a Super Sentai/Kamen Rider crossover.  While the idea of Sentai/Kamen Rider teaming up is not completely Saban but guess WHO attempted to take the idea to the TV set during its failure?  Saban!  Heck, you might think how Kamen Rider Decade/Shinkenger crossover actually had a bit of reference at the end, when Decade's team was going to the World of Black RX in the next episode after the two-parter ended.

Well as usual, so what if I like Kimberly over Mei while I like Zyuranger over MMPR?  That's my FREAKING OPINION.  Besides, whoever made this meme is OUT OF THEIR MIND.  Again, is it wrong for me to think Amy Jo Johnson can act better than Reiko Chiba?  Personally, while Reiko Chiba is okay but I think Amy Jo Johnson's portrayal of Kimberly was done better, again it's my PERSONAL BIAS STUPID!  Again, so what if I like Kimberly over Mei?  It's not evil!

Again, it's always useless arguing with people who are stubborn mules.  I'll just have to leave them alone then to pit off with Powtards.  Besides, they tell people like Ukiya Seed to go to Mandaluyong to have a mental check when they are the ones who really need it as much as that legendary Powtard in the Internet.  All I can say is LET THEM ENJOY THEIR BLUNDER!!!!!!