What That Powtard Could Be Ignorning...

What amazes me is how this Powtard above is already going around with his, "Power Rangers is the best." propaganda.  I can feel the guy is a racist and he's most likely IGNORING a lot of stuff you cannot deny.  A true Power Rangers fan would not be acting like him just like any true Super Sentai fan.  Well guess what, Sentards and Powtards are BOTH at the losing side.  And I don't really care what they say about me, go ahead!

Now for that legendary Powtard, what he's probably IGNORING are the following with his language, he's probably a racist too.  Let's just get a beat down:

Power Rangers is a multiracial team and Saban, the main man behind it (he's backed by Toei) is an American-Israeli and not a white man.  So if he's against non-whites then he should HATE Power Rangers because every season will be multiracial.  Also, Power Rangers was also born out of Japanese influence.  That is, without Japanese influence, Power Rangers CANNOT be born!

Power Rangers cannot exist without the parent show, Super Sentai AND Toei's licensing.  That is, Saban depends on Toei to produce Power Rangers.  Besides, Power Rangers was produced out of Toei's need to enter the U.S. market.  Due to Super Sentai having a VERY DIFFERENT CULTURAL FLAVOR, Power Rangers became a necessary localization to enter the U.S. Market.

All I can say is, it's best to stay clear of his path.