Ciara Hanna: Mega Actress In A Megafail Show!

As much as I hate Megaforce, I just can't hate the actress Ciara Hanna even if her character Gia Moran ends up as the "Head Bitch In Charge".  But the actress?  She's probably the only cast member who can really act.  Heck, why wasn't she the pink ranger?  In due fairness, no matter how much I hate Megaforce, I always felt like she was able to act way better than Christina Masterson who really gets overly cheery on set or Andrew Gray who's just stiff, very stiff.  I do think Cameron Jebo also lacks skill.  Azim Rizk and John Mark Loudermilk are both just okay but Ciara is able to carry her character with much charm.

She should have been Emma in Megaforce, not Christina.  I felt like casting Christina into the set was a huge, huge mistake.  Looking at how Ciara was able to carry out Gia's character so well for me.  Now I think she lacks the charm of previous Super Sentai/Power Rangers actresses like for instance like Amy Jo Johnson-Giner (MMPR's Kimberly), Eri Tanaka (Megaranger's Chisato, pun intended) or Rin Takanashi (Shinkenger's Mako) but she has done her part well.  She may not have much of that angelic beauty of the actresses I mentioned but, I can't deny she really can act.

So I did watch "Blood Lake" a horror film where she was more than just eye candy.  The whole film involves her as a teenager and some monster lampreys starting to get out of control.  She was able to carry out the part pretty fine even if she's not really that good.  She had graduated from a Nickelodeon girl to a more serious actress.

I just had my thought on Ciara Hanna's role in a rather bloody movie called Pernicious.  Now I find this weird I could play through Mortal Kombat (which is CGI violence) but I seem to be nervous about the idea of watching this film.  Again, I don't think I could swallow Killers (which has Rin Takanashi as a florist)... but she looks like she's going to kill someone in this poster!