Remembering That Pretty China Girl I Courted...

I just thought of that pretty Chinese girl who somewhat resembled like Liu Yi Fei as part of my rather complicated love life.  Although she sort of looks like Liu Yi Fei, she was a real geeky girl of a pretty short stature.  I would admit I developed the freaky habit of stalking her while I was still going after my ex-girlfriend, another love interest who looks like Bea Saw, a girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga, my real first crush, my so-called first crush and the Lady Deathstrike of my life.

I always thought of that girl as my instant revenge ticket against my so-called first crush believing she cheated on me with my former best friend.  When that habit was developed with stalking her, she had also noticed that I tend to be a player myself.  I always thought about how often it is every time I develop a crush on a woman, I would want to play around with their feelings because I still thought I liked my so-called first crush, unaware that deep within, I was in love with somebody else and that "affair" never happened as I thought.

I'll admit that I was soon wanting her for the wrong reasons, in fact having a girlfriend and several love interests at once is just stupid, isn't it?  I thought about taking her out every once in a while but no sooner, I soon found myself in a state of confusion when it came to her.  No sooner after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend, I soon started to entertain other girls when we were both separated for awhile.  I soon found that even if I was attracted to her beauty, I couldn't force her to like me and after that, I soon just had to forget about her and found my eyes roaming after other pretty girls.